Stay-At-Home Services

Sometimes, we all could use a little help in navigating our daily lives. But if you are home-limited due to illness, disability or mobility issues, the list of where and how you need assistance may be a bit longer.

Help is on the way.

Through Stay-at-Home Services—a new companion program to Capital Caring Health’s Primary Care at Home—a full array of support services is available at your fingertips.

Stay-at-Home Services is designed to help Capital Caring Health meet patients and families much sooner in their journey through advanced illness. Case Management Certified Nurses, Social Workers, and Community Health Workers coordinate care mostly virtually from our headquarters in Falls Church. Stay-at-Home Services is piloting the area first remote patient monitoring and video visits.

From the comfort of home, you or your family members can arrange assistance with anything and everything—from rehab, transportation, pharmacy delivery, and handy-man services to meal preparation/meal delivery, light housekeeping, pet care and more. If you need it, chances are we can arrange it.

It’s all part of our vision to create a “one-stop-shop” for elders, combining support with activities of daily living and other tasks with ongoing access to medical care, all in the comfort of home. The bottom line is enhanced convenience, safety and dignity for the housebound elders in our care, as well as peace of mind for their families.

Do you have specific questions about hospice care? Visit our hospice faq’s or ask us a question below.

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