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How You Can Make a Difference for Capital Caring Kids

Capital Caring Kids provides holistic symptom-directed care encompassing the social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of children facing serious illness and children in the community who have been affected by loss. Our philosophy is to care for the entire family as long-term illness and grief can have a profound impact on everyone who loves the child.

Thanks to the generous support of the community, Capital Caring Kids is able to fill this critical need of the community at no cost to the families we serve.

To learn more about pediatric hospice and palliative care, click here. For more information about Capital Caring Health’s specialized grief support programs for children and teens, click here.

Care During COVID-19

Capital Caring Health is experiencing a dramatic increase in pediatric hospice referrals as hospitals are eager to discharge the children who may benefit from end of life care in the home setting, freeing up NICU and PICU space for COVID-19 patients. Capital Caring Health is also facing additional needs during the COVID-19 crisis to provide the following:

  • Home monitoring equipment for pediatric patients;
  • Books, crafts, and other supplies for patients and siblings during social distancing;
  • Nutrition assistance to provide meals delivered to the home;
  • TeleHealth equipment for virtual music therapy sessions; and
  • Meaning making kits to make keepsake handprints for families.

You can help us meet these critical needs during COVID-19, by clicking here.

For questions or to learn about volunteering, contact Allison Kuchar at or call (703)-213-7902.

The Story of Justice Hope Coleman and the Capital Caring Kids Logo

Justice was moved from the hospital to her home into our care on March 17,  2017. A bluebird appeared and tapped on Justice’s window each day, sometimes disturbing her sleep. As Justice began to experience more agitation and distress, the bluebird became more frantic as if he wanted to fly into her room to soothe her. It was as if the bird knew Justice was uncomfortable but was fighting with her strong spirit to stay here — no matter how much her little body hurt. Wednesday came and the hospice team moved Justice to the living room AND the bird followed! Crisis Care Nurse, Ileana Harbour, captured the illuminated bluebird’s visits.

Thursday, with the help of Capital Caring Health’s team, Justice seemed more comfortable and the bluebird sat peacefully. Justice was called home Saturday night.

On Sunday morning, the bluebird came one final time to the window as the mother, father, and siblings sat at the kitchen table absorbed in their grief. The bluebird did not fly to Justice’s window; instead, he came to them. Then, he flew away.

Not everyone will find a feathered friend, but every child will have the support and compassion from Capital Caring Health’s experienced children’s team.

The Capital Caring Kids logo reminds us that while much can be explained in the world of science and medicine, there is so much that cannot be explained in the spiritual realm.  There are greater forces at work that people don’t fully understand especially in nature—whether it’s why a disease may affect some more than others or why a little bluebird came to be a messenger of comfort for a little girl and her family in her last week of life.

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