Primary Care at Home in Virginia

We all rely on our primary care providers to be there when we need them. This type of care is always valuable, but even more so for the sick and elderly. As we age or as illnesses progress, leaving the home can become difficult and dangerous. For many, it can be impossible to leave the house. However, the need to see a doctor only increases, which can make it hard for seniors to get the medical care they need. This is why Primary Care at Home is so important to be able to provide those who need it with high-quality medical care from their own home.

At Capital Caring Health, we know that there are many people who rely on at-home services to be as healthy and comfortable as possible. We’re proud to be able to provide Primary Care at Home in Virginia to those who need it. Our dedicated team travels to our patient’s homes to ensure they’re getting the care they need.

What Does PCH Provide?

This gives the elderly who are suffering from illness and disabilities access to the medical care they need right from the care of their own homes. Through our Primary Care at Home services, seniors can receive different care depending on their needs. What one person needs in regards to their medical care will be different from someone else, so our patients’ Primary Care at Home reflects their unique needs. 

House calls are available through our Primary Care at Home services. Our team is made up of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and social workers who specialize in working with seniors with serious illnesses to give them the care they need most. Elders with a serious illness will likely require some form of testing often, which may seem like something that requires them to go to a doctor’s office. With Primary Care at Home, seniors can even receive diagnostic testing at home. Mobile technology makes it possible to have tests like x-rays, blood work, and ultrasounds done at home. 

Many seniors require help daily or could need it in an emergency at any time. Because of this, it’s important to work with a team that makes themselves available to patients whenever they need it. Capital Caring Health provides 24/7 care to our patients. You can call us whenever you need assistance and we can help arrange whatever type of primary or urgent care you need. We also work with family members to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the plan of care for their loved one. 

Reliable Primary Care at Home

You want to know that your loved ones are being well-taken care of as they get older and their illnesses progress. Often, the care they need goes far beyond what you alone are able to provide as their medical needs grow. Leaving the house can become increasingly difficult, but this doesn’t mean senior citizens should miss out on receiving health care that’s critical for their health. When leaving the home for something as important as health care becomes impossible, it’s time to look into receiving Primary Care at Home. Capital Caring Health offers Primary Care at Home throughout the state of Virginia, such as in Arlington, Falls Church, and McLean

To learn more about how our Primary Care at Home services can benefit the elderly, contact us today.