Capital Caring Health’s Center for Health Equity

Center for Health Equity Led By:

Audrey Easaw

Executive Director, Center for Health Equity
SVP Philanthropy, Communications, and External Affairs

Donna Gayles

Associate Director, Center for Health Equity
Director, Client Relations, Washington DC

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Donna Gayles featured in Faith, Trust, Hope, and Advocacy: Effectively engaging faith community leaders to address disparities in serious illness care

Steering Committee

S. Sabrina St. Clair, DMin GC-C
Bereavement Counselor, Washington DC Region


Rev. Felicia Allen, M.Div., Chaplain – Merrifield

“I would be a safe/non-judgemental resource where people could engage in disclosure regarding ethnicity and culture. Additionally, I would engage people authentically. Having knowledge about another human being fosters respect and appreciation for our differences while embracing our similarities.”


Cheryl Spedden, RN Coordinator, Manassas

“I would collaborate, educate myself and others; not only by speaking but in my actions as well. Inclusion and diversity are a strong passion of mine –something I strive to raise in my children and to educate within my community. My goal is to remove myths, eliminate bias, and educate the unknowing and misinformed. I want to make the largest and most positive impact that I can for our company, our clients, our families, and our communities, in order to bring equality, acceptance, understanding, and empathy to the forefront.”


Robert Tolson, Chaplain, Leesburg

“As the company expands, I do believe an understanding of emerging opportunities are needed as well as inclusion in the areas served as well as those seeking to serve those communities.I would also push for an honest look of opportunities for diversity and growth within our disciplines so that we can create a more inclusive environment.”


Constance Whaley, RN, CCH Innovations, Fairview Park

“Understanding the issues affecting Inclusion and Diversity helps support appreciation of each other’s contributions, stronger relationships, a stronger workforce, and a stronger society. As an E, I & D Ambassador, I add my energy and commitment to facilitating opportunities for sharing experiences and information in order to strengthen the values that provide a foundation for generating new pathways for change.”


Shantal Williams, Manager, Community and Volunteer Engagement, Largo

“I would first want to start with building awareness. Educating employees by helping them to understand how individuals are impacted by unconscious bias, and what actions continue to reinforce these. One way to build awareness and address this is to encourage every employee to review, question and analyze their own personal biases and what their assumptions could be.”

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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