Capital Caring Children and Teen Bereavement Programs

For nearly two decades, Capital Caring has embraced grieving children and teens by offering grief support through specialized bereavement programs held in individual Capital Caring neighborhoods across the MD, VA and the D.C. metropolitan region. At Capital Caring, we provide one-on-one counseling sessions, support groups and special bereavement programs to not only help our Capital Caring families, but to assist anyone in the community who is struggling with loss.  Each Capital Caring neighborhood offers different styles of bereavement programs with the goal of connecting individuals with others who have also suffered a loss in safe and supportive environment.

Point of Hope children’s bereavement camps are held annually in several Capital Caring neighborhoods.  While each Point of Hope Camp varies in its offerings, the goal is to allow children of all ages to engage in traditional camp activities while learning healthy ways to express and cope with their grief and connect with other children who have experienced a loss. Point of Hope Camps are staffed by Capital Caring bereavement staff, including experienced grief counselors, as well as art and music therapists, and trained volunteers.

Capital Caring Bereavement Programs Offer Participants:

  • Emotional and physical support in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • Support and understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss; offering understanding and compassion.
  • The opportunity to begin the healing process through sharing their own story and hearing the stories of others.
  • Coping skills to help them through the most difficult days of their grief journey.
  • Hope through companionship with people who “get it” and understand first-hand what they’re going through.
  • The opportunity to discover new traditions and ideas to keep loved ones present in their hearts and memories.
  • Increased understanding of how children and other family members react to loss. We give families tools for how to communicate with each other about the death. We offer suggestions for keeping lines of communication open for meaningful connection and support.

Although grief support is required by Medicare as part of the hospice benefit, Capital Caring is not reimbursed by insurance and is only able to provide these services thanks to the generous support of the community. To make a tax-deductible donation to support a grieving child in your neighborhood, click here.

Click here for our current Point of Hope Grief Groups, Support Groups, and Workshops.

Point of Hope Camp 2021

You’re invited!  Bereaved families with children between the ages of 5-18 who have recently experienced the death of a parent or sibling are invited to join us for our 2021 Point of Hope Family Camp on Saturday, October 2nd. Because this is a family style camp, a parent or guardian is required to participate during the camp day with the child(ren).  Use this link to register:

To make a gift to support Point of Hope Camp:

For more information on how to volunteer or attend POH Camp, contact Mary Beaven

Thank you to our sponsors: SCI, Kiwanis of Arlington, Easterns Automotive, Roy Rogers, Freddy Donuts, and Bean, Kinney & Korman.

Point of Hope Camp 2020

Point of Hope Camp Making Our Way presented by Capital Caring Kids

Point of Hope Camp 2019

Childhood grief can have long lasting effects on a person. Watch this video to see the importance of what childhood grief support can assist with:

After My Brother Died - Marianne Gardner