Primary Care at Home in Washington, DC

As we age, we all require some additional services to help maintain a high quality of life, especially when age is combined with illness. Seniors with advanced illnesses require frequent medical visits that are necessary for their health, but what happens when leaving the house is no longer an option? No one should have to miss out on receiving important medical care due to age and health issues that prevent them from going out. 

Keeping our patients safe and comfortable is one of our biggest goals at Capital Caring Health. To help ensure that seniors who are unable to leave the house, we offer primary care at home in Washington, DC. With these services, seniors in the DC area and their loved ones no longer need to worry about how they’ll get access to medical care or have to struggle with getting to and from the doctor’s office. 

What is Primary Care at Home?

Primary care at home allows seniors to receive the same type of medical care you would typically get at a doctor’s office right in their own home. These services are similar to house calls, but are reserved for seniors aged 65 and with advanced illnesses that prevent them from leaving the house. Doctors and nurses are able to visit patients at home when they need it. Social workers who focus on elder care are also available for primary care at home through these services. 

Primary care at home includes much more than regular check-ups, as well. In addition to regular appointments, seniors can also have a variety of different diagnostic tests done at home. Portable equipment allows us to do much of the testing traditionally done in an office from wherever. With these services, seniors can easily get access to testing like blood work, X-rays, and ultrasounds. This allows us to monitor a patient’s health and quickly help treat any potential problems, which might have gone undiagnosed without access to primary care at home.  

Our primary care at home services give you the peace of mind of having the ability to contact a team that cares 24/7. There will always be a person a phone call away to provide care when needed. We can assist in arranging whatever services are needed, including urgent care, specialists, and whatever other services might be required. Capital Caring Health also keeps family members and loved ones involved and informed. We know how important it is for those with a loved one suffering from advanced illness to be included and always make the effort to work closely with them. 

Primary Care at Home for Seniors

Elders with advanced illness need reliable medical care more than anyone, but are often the ones who are unable to go out of their way for it. Primary care at home can help transform the way that seniors are able to receive medical care. Capital Caring Health is dedicated to providing care to those with advanced illnesses in the Washington, DC area by ensuring that all of their medical needs are addressed. All of our services are designed with our patients and their loved ones in mind to help keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible. 

If you or a loved one has trouble leaving the house and has missed out on crucial healthcare due to it, contact us to learn how Capital Caring Health can help.

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