Veterans’ Health & Support Services

Capital Caring Health has proudly served members of the military since our founding in 1977, providing a full suite of care and services, plus recognition ceremonies and programs to match veteran patients with our veteran volunteers. While Capital Caring Health has recognized and honored our veterans for many years — what we have discovered is that what veterans and their caregivers most need, is a “boots-on-the-ground” approach. This includes help in accessing more in-home caregiver support and veterans’ benefits, such as disability compensation, pensions and healthcare.

Capital Caring Health is working directly with federal, state, and local-level veterans service agencies to assure the veterans at Capital Caring get what they need, earned and deserve. Capital Caring Health’s new robust Veterans Health & Support Services program spans throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Capital Caring Health provides veterans’ care services wherever our patients call home including:

  • The home of the veteran or caregiver
  • Senior housing, assisted living, and skilled-nursing facilities
  • Group homes, residences, foster care, or homeless shelters
  • State Veterans home
  • Hospitals

Capital Caring Health’s Support Services for Veterans

Our veterans program provides a full range of services for any life-limiting condition. Services include:

  • Individualized pain and symptom relief plan that addresses medical and psychological issues common in veterans.
  • Disease-specific programs.
  • Medication, supplies, and equipment.
  • Assistance identifying and securing resources and benefits for veterans and dependents.
  • Military Volunteer (a veteran or active duty military volunteer) who visits with patients who are veterans.
  • Formal recognition and appreciation for military service.
  • Assistance with military funeral and memorial planning.
  • Caregiver education.
  • Complementary therapies.
  • Grief support.
  • Robotic Companion Pets.

Veterans Health & Support Services Program Components:

So No Veteran Dies Alone – We provide travel funding for family members to travel to the veteran’s bedside before they depart on their Last Deployment.

So No Veteran Is Forgotten – We accomplish this through various ways, including formal honor and recognition ceremonies, recording the veteran’s oral history, and friendly visits and phone calls from military members.

So No Veteran Does it Alone – Many veterans, perhaps most, have little idea as to what VA benefits they might be eligible. And, even if aware, they have no idea how to navigate the complex application process. Further, the last thing a veteran or their family members has the time and energy to do is take on such a burdensome task while in the midst of a health crisis. That’s where we step in. We screen our veteran patients for eligibility and connect them with a state or local veteran agency to complete the claim on their behalf. Bottom line, these organizations take the ball and run with it after getting some basic information from the veteran/veteran’s family.

Our Veterans Health & Support Services Team

Capital Caring Health helps patients and caregivers communicate needs, navigate the healthcare system and plan for the future. Our interdisciplinary team brings together the skills and experience of:

  • Board certified physicians specializing in hospice and palliative care.
  • Specially trained nurses.
  • Hospice aides who assist with daily care.
  • Social workers who help patients and families cope with emotional and practical issues.
  • Chaplain offering non-denominational spiritual support.
  • Military Volunteers who provide companionship.
  • Complementary therapies including music, art, massage therapies to help relieve stress.
  • Bereavement counselors who help families prepare for death and cope with grief.

Refer a Patient

It is never too soon to learn about our Veterans Health & Support Services program. Anyone can make a referral. Simply call our 24-Hour Care Line at 800-869-2136 to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

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