Trust Management

An estate plan can help transfer wealth, fulfill philanthropic goals, minimize wealth transfer taxes, maintain privacy, protect assets, and provide ongoing management of your affairs if you no longer want or are unable to manage them.

One concern that many people don’t take into account when they or a loved one are diagnosed with a terminal or advanced illness is the state of the patient’s financial estate. While it’s understandable for your mind to be on other things in this situation, it’s nevertheless a crucial part of the process.

For that reason, Capital Caring Health is proud to offer trust management services.

What is Trust Management?

Trusts can be used to avoid paying undue taxes, to hold money for those you designate for long periods of time (even forever), to facilitate philanthropic donations, and to contain an extravagant beneficiary until they mature and can handle a large inheritance wisely. Whatever your reason for using trusts, trust management is an excellent tool for creating a smart estate plan.

Trusts are often helpful for those with large estates. However, they can also serve those with medium assets as well. If you feel that trust management services may benefit you and your estate, you can learn more about the subject by reaching out to a Capital Caring Health representative.

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