Primary Care at Home in Maryland

Age and illness can make simple, everyday tasks difficult to complete on your own or with assistance. It can become difficult for seniors to do basic things to take care of themselves, including leaving the house. Being unable to leave the house can be hard enough on seniors on its own, but it’s even worse when it prevents them from seeking medical care. We all require regular medical care to stay healthy, but seniors with serious illnesses need medical care even more and more often than most.

If you or a loved one is a senior aged 65 or above and has an advanced illness, receiving primary care at home can be incredibly beneficial. Capital Caring Health offers primary care at home in Maryland that helps ensure that seniors throughout the state have access to medical care, even if they are unable to leave the house. 

What Do You Get From Primary Care at Home?

Capital Caring Health’s primary care at home covers a variety of different services for seniors with advanced illness. We’re dedicated to providing whatever type of care is necessary for seniors’ health and well being so that they and their loved ones don’t have to worry about missing out on important care. The medical care you can get from primary care at home is essentially the same as a person would normally receive, just from the comfort of your own home. Capital Caring Health has a team of dedicated doctors and nurses to provide care in our patients’ homes. Social workers who specialize in elder care are also available to visit patients at home if necessary. 

Primary care at home also includes services that you might think are only accessible in a doctor’s office. Technology allows us to provide a variety of different diagnostic tests from a patient’s home. Seniors who are unable to leave their homes no longer have to forgo important testing, like blood work and X-rays. These types of tests are extremely important to ensure that seniors are getting the right care, which could go unnoticed without primary care at home services. 

Seniors with advanced illnesses could require medical care at any time. Because of this, we have someone available by phone 24/7 so that our patients can always reach out for help from someone they trust. Whatever our patients need for their health and well being, such as urgent care or help from specialists, we can help arrange it. We also help ensure that any loved ones involved with caring for our patients understand our plan of care. 

Primary Care at Home You Can Trust 

Finding reliable care for seniors with serious illnesses can be difficult. If you or a loved one needs to receive primary care at home, you need to work with a team that you can trust. Capital Caring Health is dedicated to caring for our patients in Maryland and is here to provide whatever healthcare services are necessary to help them be as comfortable and healthy as possible. 

To learn more about what this service provides, or about any of our other services, contact us today.