Grief Support Resources

You are not alone.

The Grief Support Department (comprised of Bereavement Counselors) at Capital Caring Health is here to listen to your experiences of grief, loss, and uncertainty. Our aim is to be present with you to assist you as you find ways to hope and cope amid uncertainty.

No one else shares your unique grief experience.


Your life and your story are one of a kind. Yet, we are all linked through the human experience. Research shows that increased focus on how life was, how life is now, and how life may be in the future are normal during times of great personal and collective change – and still these experiences can feel unsettling.

We want you to know that our Grief Support Department is here to help support you during this difficult time.

Please call 844-447-4383 during normal business hours in order to speak with a support staff.

Reach out to one of our care experts today.