Arlington, VA Halquist Center

Our Halquist Center is Temporarily Closed for Renovation

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Temporarily closed for renovations, the 15-bed Halquist Memorial Inpatient Center, the former Woodlawn Elementary School, is a peaceful, serene facility tucked into warmly shaded street in residential Arlington. Acute hospice care is provided by a skilled team of clinicians while our families can enjoy the tranquility of the Center’s gardens, which have been maintained for nearly 30 years by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Arlington, Virginia

Temporarily Closed for Renovations

Capital Caring Health Halquist Center
4715 North 15th Street
Arlington, VA 22205

Visiting Hours & Pet Policy for IPUs

Visitors can visit their loved ones 24/7
Two visitors at a time are allowed between 9:00pm – 8:00am
Pets are allowed on leashes and not permitted in the kitchen and dining areas

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