What Does Palliative Care at Home Include?

One of the high-quality services offered by Capital Caring is our palliative care at home program. We bring our services to patients on their schedule, not ours, so this is an incredibly convenient offer for those who require palliative care.

Our main objective in offering care at home is to bring a sense of ease to the lives of our patients, whether they be senior citizens or children

Those who receive palliative care are often in challenging medical situations, so the least we can do is offer comfort and a steady hand guiding the patient’s day. Read on for a comprehensive look into how Capital Caring can provide the best palliative care at home service for you or a family member.

What is Palliative Care at Home?

Palliative care is for patients struggling to deal with serious medical issues such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, or a number of other conditions. Patients who have a tough time withstanding the harsh effects of these illnesses may require medical assistance in their homes.

While palliative care specialists can administer care at a patient’s home, this is not always a given. It also does not imply that additional care is not provided to a struggling patient. Patients who require care at home often receive treatment for their medical issues just as they would without palliative care.

What makes palliative care at home unique is the attention that a patient can receive. Patients in pain or who cannot complete necessary tasks in their home will have a care specialist who can help ease them through the day and provide company to the patient.

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What Are the Benefits of Palliative Care at Home?

The benefits of palliative care being provided in a patient’s home are immense. In addition to the emotional and medical assistance that the patient can receive from palliative care, patients can remain in a familiar space that can maximize their comfortability.

As mentioned above, home based care complements other forms of medical care than a replacement for traditional methods. The ultimate goal of palliative care is recovery, so each care specialist who administers this service should prioritize healing. While the patients’ struggle is real, the ideal scenario would be for them only temporarily to need palliative care.

With this in mind, patients and family members should be encouraged by the ultimate goals of stay-at-home care. The process of receiving palliative care is one of curing. We strive to control symptoms as a patient returns to living the life they were before their illness took hold.

Capital Caring Can Bring Palliative Care to Your Home

Capital Caring provides palliative care at home services to those in Virginia. Our team will respond to patients when needed without exception and help those struggling with illness get back to a routine.

People who require palliative care are not helpless. They often need to find a new way to manage their illness, and there is possibly no better environment to do so than in the comfort of one’s own home. The team at Capital Caring is committed to providing the best care possible to all patients in need of our services.

We provide several helpful services at Capital Caring, including hospice care. If you or a loved one is struggling to perform basic or complicated tasks daily, consider looking into one of our many helpful medical services. Contact us today to get on the fast track to healing.

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