Hospice Care & Palliative Care at Home

Medical issues relating to our family members and other loved ones are always sensitive. These are times that no one actually wants to face, but life sometimes necessitates placing a parent or other relative into hospice or otherwise acquiring palliative care for the person.

At Capital Caring Health, we understand these human needs. Our hospice care in Virginia is second to none in the state, and our palliative care is provided by doctors who make professionalism and compassion part of their daily practices.

We maintain a number of healthcare facilities throughout the state of Virginia, including in areas such as Alexandria, Loudoun County, and Manassas. However, Capital Caring Health is also aware that our properties may not always be preferable for your loved ones to receive hospice or palliative care. You can choose to receive these services at home in Virginia, and that is perfectly all right. We can come to you. Let us explain more about what we mean.

What Is Hospice Care at Home in Virginia Like?

First of all, know that it is not at all unusual for gravely ill people to receive hospice care in their own homes. It is certainly not an inconvenience for the doctors and nurses providing the care. Home hospice care in Virginia is meant to provide sick people with everything they need to be comfortable in their final days, weeks, or months. Our staff will transport everything we need to your home, including medications and technology. Whether you live near Arlington or Loudoun County, Virginia, we will travel to you and give your family member the respectful hospice care he or she deserves.

Additionally, you may not have known this, but hospice services from Capital Caring Health also include grief counseling for family members. We offer this because we understand that placing a beloved relative in hospice is one of the most difficult decisions a family can make, and it can have dramatic effects on the mental well-being of family members. We offer short-term grief counseling, access to community grief groups, and more as part of our grief support services.

What Is Palliative Care at Home in Virginia Like?

Another service we provide at Capital Caring Health is palliative care at home in Virginia. The overall purpose of palliative care is to improve the quality of life for people who are suffering while receiving treatment for serious diseases. Many people assume that if one is receiving palliative care, one must be dying. Though this is often the case, a person can indeed receive palliative care without needing hospice care or necessarily be “dying.”

The primary benefit of receiving palliative care at home in Virginia is that patients have the opportunity to be even more comfortable in their homes rather than in an unfamiliar medical facility.

A person being treated for cancer, and who is experiencing unpleasant side effects such as pain or nausea, would benefit from various aspects of at-home palliative care. These might include: receiving medications for that pain or nausea, and for additional symptoms such as anxiety or depression; being given physical therapy; and receiving emotional and spiritual aid that might be necessary at a difficult time like this.

On top of all that, Capital Caring Health emphasizes the convenience of the patient when providing palliative care at home in Virginia. We come to our patients on their schedules and provide all the necessary care while allowing the patients to be comfortable in a familiar environment. Receiving this care at home also lets the patient save money by not being in a facility that comes with co-pays, fees, and other payments.

At its core, our palliative care at home in Virginia makes living with an illness easier. No longer do patients have to suffer and wonder if they can get through the day without pain and discomfort. With their symptoms under control, these patients can do their best to get back to living the lives they love, to the extent that they can.

Professional Hospice Care and Palliative Care at Home in Virginia

Whether your loved one requires hospice care or palliative care in Virginia, Capital Caring Health will ensure we deliver services that are compassionate, professional, and convenient for your whole family. It is truly a blessing to be able to receive this kind of medical care from the comfort of home.

Being in a familiar setting has much to do with an individual’s happiness during this time, and Capital Caring Health is proud to facilitate that for as many patients as we possibly can. Wherever you live in Virginia, if your family member needs at-home hospice care or palliative care, contact us. We will study your situation and devise an individual care plan to make everything as comfortable as we possibly can.

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