What Are the Benefits of Pet Therapy?

There’s a reason why pets are considered a man’s best friend. They serve as great companions, and their presence makes you feel a whole lot better. But although humans have enjoyed the companionship of animals for more than a thousand years, experts have only recently discovered the therapeutic perks pets offer.

Because of that, it’s no surprise why animals and therapy are now being associated with each other and have led to the creation of pet patient services. If you want to know more about the therapeutic benefits that therapy animals can provide, here’s everything you need to know about this type of service below.

What Is Pet Therapy?

So, what is pet therapy? This type of therapy involves interacting with a trained pet in order as you endure or recuperate from a health problem or mental illness. Pet therapy is often done under the guidance of the therapy animal’s handler, ensuring that everything remains under control during the session.

Although dogs and cats are the primary animals involved in pet therapy, other animals are also qualified to be part of this therapy service. These animals include fish, rabbits, and even horses. As long as these pets meet the requirements, they can become trained to give aid to participate in pet therapy programs.

A young woman hugs her dog

Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy provides a ton of benefits for qualified individuals. If you’re interested in getting pet therapy, here are some of the benefits you can experience upon undergoing this service below:

1. Pets Can Lessen Your Feelings of Loneliness

Having therapy pets by your side is proven to lessen your feelings of loneliness. After all, spending time with a therapy animal increases the production of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in your body. This leads you to feel happier when you spend time with a therapy animal.

2. Offers Excellent Companionship During Difficult Times

Participating in different pet patient services offers you an excellent companion during your difficult times. With a therapy animal, you can have someone to talk to and bond with, allowing you to form a unique bond.

Besides, even though animals can’t talk, a therapy pet will still be able to understand what you’re feeling and can provide the love and support you need the most. And over time, you can also expect your bond with them to strengthen the more you interact with them.

3. Aids in Building Your Self-Esteem

Therapy pets don’t just make great companions as you receive care or recover from an illness. They also aid in building your self-esteem. Once you care for a pet, you will have to feed, bathe, and care for it—essentially, you become responsible for the pet. And as you accomplish these tasks, your self-esteem significantly develops. With better self-esteem, you can be more confident in other facets of your life.

4. Lessens Your Feelings of Boredom

It’s not a surprise that you’ll mostly be spending your time alone during your stay in the hospital, leading you to feel bored. Fortunately, therapy pets are here to ease your feelings of boredom. With the mere presence of a therapy animal, you can play with them, get distracted by their adorable antics, and do other activities with them that will constantly keep you entertained.

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