Veterans Health and Support Services in Washington, DC

Veterans are the lifeblood of America. Nowhere is that truer than in our nation’s capital. That’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure our veterans’ hospice care in Washington, DC, provides the very best health services to patients battling advanced and terminal illnesses.

Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare experts prioritizes quality-of-life improvements to relieve pain and other symptoms that would otherwise compromise a patient’s peace and comfort. Studies show that at-home hospice care can reduce ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations, while both at-home and inpatient hospice not only improves the quality of a patient’s life but, in some cases, even extend it.

Whether patients can remain at home or require hospitalization, our veterans’ hospice care offers a comprehensive and customized support system for patients, families, and caregivers. That’s because, at Capital Caring Health, we believe patient wellness isn’t just about treating illness. It’s also about raising the standards of living both for those in our care and the people who love them.

What Does Hospice Include?

Capital Caring Health knows that all patients have their own needs. That’s why our Veterans Health and Support Services are tailored to each patient. As such, necessary hospice services vary from person to person. Below are just some of the services we provide.

A Specialized Team of Health Experts

One size does not fit all, least of all when it comes to healthcare. That’s why all patients in our Washington, DC, veterans hospice care not only have detailed treatment plans personalized to suit their unique medical conditions, personal preferences, and living situations, but they also have a specialized team of health experts overseeing their care. With an all-inclusive, interdisciplinary approach, every aspect of our patient’s health is monitored by experienced professionals.

Around-the-Clock On-Call Care

In many cases, patients with advanced illnesses may require expert care at a moment’s notice. There’s no telling when or where an individual’s medical condition could take a turn for the worse. Veteran patients receiving hospice care from us can rest a little easier, however, knowing that the dedicated healthcare professionals at Capital Caring Health are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s the middle of the night or a national holiday, experienced staff members are always on hand should our patients need them.

Assistive Equipment & Medication

Regardless if a patient is receiving care in a hospital or in the comfort of their own home, they must always have access to the assistive equipment and medication that they need. Our hospice services ensure patients receive the same level of care wherever they are. For at-home patients who need them, Capital Caring Health is happy to provide adjustable hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, intravenous medicine, and more, as well as in-person instruction and assistance in using them.

Counseling for Patients & Caregivers

Living with a serious medical condition is challenging not just because of the physical harm it can do but because of the mental and emotional toll, as well. That’s just as true for friends, family members, and caregivers as it is for the patients themselves. Fortunately, our hospice care is limited solely to treating physical maladies and the body parts they afflict. We also care just as much about our patients as we do about their loved ones. That’s why counseling support and guidance are always available for patients and their caregivers.

Life-Changing Veterans Health and Support Services in Washington, DC

At Capital Caring Health, we know that, for patients living with advanced and terminal illnesses, every day is precious. We also know that each day presents its own challenges. Our veterans’ hospice care in Washington, DC, is designed specifically to help patients meet those challenges and make the most out of every day.

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