A Bright Moment in American History

Capital Caring Health and our Center for Health Equity acknowledge today’s confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson as a bright moment in American history. We see today’s confirmation of the first African American woman Supreme Court Justice as a step towards progress.

As we congratulate Justice Jackson, we are thankful that the highest court in the land has someone who brings another perspective based on her unique lived experiences. We also appreciate that her time as a public defender prior to becoming a judge has given her deeper insight into how people of color view our system of justice. 

Yes, we are inspired by Justice Jackson’s work. And while there is much work to be done to eliminate health disparities, as a hospice movement Capital Caring Health and our Center for Health Equity remain more committed than ever to our goal of helping People of Color understand the hospice benefit for a better life, not just the end of life. 

Audrey Easaw
Executive Director, Center for Health Equity

Steve Cone
Chief of Communications, Marketing & Philanthropys

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