When is Palliative Care Appropriate?

Palliative care is a complex subject to bring up with families and patients because of its association with end-of-life situations. However, some palliative care can be administered before the waning days of one’s life. Additionally, palliative care professionals are experts at keeping people comfortable in the final moments if it does indeed come to that.

At Capital Caring, we take an honest but compassionate approach to palliative care and all of the difficulties that come along with it. Whatever the patient’s needs are during the difficult palliative care process, we are prepared to manage them with respect. Below is a guide to palliative care from Capital Caring.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is typically administered to elderly patients with serious illnesses or those who only have a short time to live. In these cases, medical professionals specially prepared to give this care are deployed to provide comfort to the patient and, in turn, the patient’s loved ones.

Palliative care providers are not, however, just aids who are meant to improve the patient’s spirits. These specialized professionals are given the tools they need to reverse some part of the illness or at least diminish its more intense aspects. In this way, palliative care has curative properties which often go unmentioned.

An elderly patient holds hands with their care provider

When is Palliative Care Used?

Palliative care is generally used when a patient has a long or impossible road to recovery. This care comes up when other options have been exhausted, but, as noted above, this is not the only reason why palliative care might be used. Patients who are in extreme pain or discomfort may receive temporary palliative care in an attempt to dampen the symptoms.

Palliative care at Capital Caring is primarily an end-of-life measure, but we can do more than that. Our providers can help patients manage their medications, understand the disease they are facing or receive additional support. The reputation of palliative care is quite dreary, but our goals at Capital Caring are to provide comfort, care, and curative measures to patients as best as possible.

Capital Caring Offers Palliative Care

Capital Caring offers palliative care under the umbrella of advanced illness care. If a loved one requires this form of care, reach out to Capital Caring. We are an open resource of information, especially concerning a sensitive topic like palliative care. Please do not hesitate to contact us and request further information about any of the services we provide.

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