Capital Caring is enthusiastically preparing to expand our inpatient care capacity in order to help more families in the Loudoun area access excellent care. In 2012 we broke ground on the new Adler Center for Caring on the Van Metre Campus. And now, we are building it! This beautiful, state-of-the-art facility will provide patient-focused services in a home-like setting, using advanced treatment, monitoring, and care-support technologies.

To learn more about the Adler Center for Caring and the amenities and features that will be offered, click here.

Please enjoy photos below that showcase the ongoing development of this facility.

Adler Center 3

Adler Center 4

Adler Center 2

Adler Center

January 9, 2014:  The Adler Center for Caring on the Van Metre Campus is nearing completion.  The exterior/interior detail is what gives this facility the “homey” feeling.


October 9, 2013: The Adler Center for Caring on the Van Metre
campus is in its final stages of completion. This photo shows newly painted siding in a welcoming shade of yellow. The windows on the left are the country kitchen. And on the far right, French doors connect 3 patient  rooms to what will become beautiful patios.
July 3, 2013: The windows and doors are going in and the roof
is almost complete on the Adler Center for Caring.
June 26, 2013: This photo was taken from the green roof garden, looking toward the living room. The roof shingles are going up, windows are being installed, and we anticipate
asphalt in the front parking lot next week.
June 26, 2013: This is the upper level entrance.
The window on the left is part of the chapel.
June 5, 2013: This is a view of the south side of the building,
looking up toward the green roof. The entrance to the future center for palliative care and pain management is on the far right (in yellow).
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June 5, 2013: This photo gives you a sense of the many
contractors on site, working hard to build the dream.
And you can see the roof continuing to take shape!
May 22, 2013: The view driving into the front entry drive. The
building now has wall framing in progress on both levels, and curb and gutter work underway, and you will notice lots of progress on the roof; and the parking lot on the lower level is taking shape.
May 22, 2013: The view when standing in the lobby on the upper level, looking out the front door with a warm welcome.
April 24, 2013: Progress continues on our
Adler Center for Caring. This week you can see the
light gauge steel taking shape to form our roof. Beautiful!
April 10, 2013: This is a shot of the Adler Center for Caring
from the front. We are on schedule. Full steam ahead!
March 27, 2013: Today’s photo barely captures the amazing activity and progress on our Adler Center for Caring. The concrete floor of the lower level will be poured soon, the backfill for the retaining walls is 65% complete, and the construction team is working to complete the water and gas lines to the building.
March 11, 2013: The concrete, steel and underground
plumbing will be completed by the end of the month.
photo-1-w366xh206 (1)
February 15, 2013: A crane that will help develop
and haul steel starting Monday, February 18, 2013.
February 15, 2013: The future entrance of the
Palliative Care Clinic. The foundation walls are
100% complete, and the retaining walls will be next.
February 15, 2013: The underground
plumbing is in progress. It’s 85% complete.
January 30, 2013: The first wall is erected.
January 30, 2013: The concrete foundation
walks are very close to being complete.