The Story of Justice Hope Coleman

The family approves and encourages us to share her story

Justice was moved from the hospital to her home into our care on March 17th 2017. The bluebird appeared and tapped on Justice’s window each day, sometimes disturbing her sleep. As Justice began to experience more agitation and distress, the bluebird became more frantic as if he wanted to fly into her room to soothe her. It was as if the bird knew Justice was uncomfortable but was fighting with her strong spirit to stay here — no matter how much her little body hurt. Wednesday came and the hospice team moved Justice to the living room AND the bird followed! Crisis Care Nurse, Ileana Harbour, captured the illuminated bluebird’s visits.

Thursday, with the help of our comforting team, Justice seemed more comfortable and the bluebird sat peacefully. Justice was called home Saturday night.

On Sunday morning, the bluebird came one final time to the window as the mother, father, and siblings sat at the kitchen table absorbed in their grief. The bluebird did not fly to Justice’s window; instead, he came to them. Then, he flew away.

Not everyone will find a feathered friend, but every child will have the support and compassion from our experienced children’s team.

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