It takes a village to get through difficult times. Capital Caring Health is now partnering with Savo

Answering the question, “How can I help?” during difficult times

In the midst of caring for another, friends and family may be asking how they can help. However, it can be tough to think about what you need help with let alone coordinate these tasks. Savo was created to take the questions out of “how can I help” and bring your community together to help out with everyday tasks like laundry, cooking, cleaning, and childcare.

How does Savo work?

Answer a few questions

We’ll ask you a few simple questions to better understand you and your family’s needs. Based on the answers, Savo creates a customized task list tailored to your family. This includes tasks often not thought of such as pet care, household chores, and emotional support.

View and edit task calendar

With the answers you provide, as well as expert knowledge and research, we’ll automatically schedule the custom tasks in a calendar view. It’s quick and easy to make updates and add additional information as needed.

Invite others to help

Easily invite friends and family members to volunteer by email, social media, or sharing the special like with them anyway you choose.


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Savo and Capital Caring Health

Savo launched in January 2020.  We are partnering with Capital Caring to give you or someone you know the help they need after the loss of a loved one. Savo is free for clients and friends of Capital Caring. This pilot program runs through May 31, 2020.

Help and feedback

Savo is currently in beta meaning it is fully available for use however there may be an occasional bug here or there. During the length of this pilot, we are looking for any feedback you may have to help us make the product better. Please email with any feedback about your experience as well as any questions or issues.

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