Lockheed Martin Red Wagon Donation Improves Transport for Pediatric Patients

Lockheed Martin has made it possible for Capital Caring to receive six red wagons equipped with IV poles to help children with serious medical issues enjoy easier transport. The wagons were recently distributed among Capital Caring’s four inpatient hospice centers throughout Maryland, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia.

Members of the Lockheed Martin team joined Capital Caring interim President and CEO President Tom Koutsoumpas to celebrate this beautiful gift to the Capital Caring children and their families who are facing a life-limiting illness.

The Radio Flyer red wagons were designed by Roger Leggett after he noticed how difficult it was to transport children with IV poles from one location to another while his granddaughter was being treated for a serious illness. Mr. Leggett and his son Chad developed a plan to outfit Radio Flyer wagons with IV poles. Tragically, Mr. Leggett’s son died of heatstroke. His former co-workers at Lockheed Martin decided to help him continue building the wagons with IV poles, and Mr. Leggett’s dream was fulfilled.

Now there are hundreds of wagons that bear the label “Chad’s Bracket” in honor of his son, including some wagons sent as far away as Scotland.








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