New Resource Combats Heart Failure

Program will improve quality and access to hospice and palliative/advanced illness care for heart patients and keep them from dying alone in hospitals

FALLS CHURCH, VA (April 20, 2021)—Capital Caring Health, in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI), today announces the Advanced Cardiac Care (ACC) Program to address one of the nation’s largest killers of Americans – heart disease.

Available for immediate use, the program’s patient and caregiver guide helps avert multiple hospital and emergency room visits that are a huge source of stress for the patient, their family, and the medical facility currently dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Each year, more Americans die from heart disease than any other condition, including cancer. Heart disease is also a leading cause for hospitalization: patients with congestive heart failure alone account for more than one million inpatient admissions annually.

Capital Caring Health CEO Tom Koutsoumpas remarked, “These new care guidelines are an absolute priority as everyday heart patients postpone medical care in fear of COVID-19, even as heart disease puts them at greater risk.” Koutsoumpas added, “Cardiovascular complications contribute to roughly 40 percent of all COVID-19 related deaths. Together, we can help reduce this terrible statistic.”

“It is a complete and unnecessary tragedy that only five percent of heart failure patients who are discharged from the hospital ever utilize in-home hospice services,” said Carole Fisher, President of NPHI. She further stated, “Far too many die alone in a hospital or nursing facility, when instead our hospice teams could care for them wherever they reside, and they could enjoy a much higher quality of life surrounded by loved ones.”

NPHI is the national voice for 75 not-for-profit hospice and advanced illness care providers. NPHI’s hospice and advanced illness care providers offer primary medical and lifestyle care at home, even for those heart failure patients who are not terminal.

Heart disease will likely continue to have a disproportionate toll on many traditionally underserved groups who have higher rates of heart disease and associated risk factors. Commenting on this recognized gap, Dr. Cameron Muir, chief innovation officer of Capital Caring Health mentioned, “Too many people of color and LBGTQ+ advanced heart disease patients are not made aware of how NPHI member organizations can provide comprehensive quality care at home, which is covered by Medicare or private insurance or by our NPHI members; no one is turned away because they cannot pay.” Dr. Muir continued, “Through the collaboration, these resources will advance care and improve quality of life for those facing advanced heart disease.”

Copies of the Patient and Caregiver guide may be downloaded here and individuals may request a print copy here.

Please see Capital Caring Health’s website,, or call toll-free (800)-869-2136 for information about the organization and the Advanced Cardiac Care Program.

Our family, friends, and neighbors with advanced heart disease need not suffer alone anymore.


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