Capital Caring Health Expands Upon Successful “Pets for Vets” Program

Innovative Program for Veterans Nationwide Aims to Combat Dementia and Feelings of Social Isolation and Loneliness Distributing Animatronic Pets and Board Games Nationwide

Ahead of Veterans Day, Advanced Illness Care and Hospice Provider, Capital Caring Health, Expands Upon Successful “Pets for Vets” Program to Provide Comfort and Companionship to Veterans Living in Community Living Centers Across the U.S.

Falls Church, Virginia; November 1, 2023: In the lead up to Veterans Day, Capital Caring Health, part of the nation’s largest not-for-profit advanced illness care and hospice provider—Chapters Health System, and Ageless Innovation, the makers of the award-winning Joy for All™ Companion Pets and Games, are distributing care packages to Veterans in Community Living Centers (CLCs) with dementia, and those suffering from feelings of social isolation and loneliness as part of their innovative “Pets for Vets” program. The ongoing initiative, which kicked off in 2021, aims to improve the overall well-being of Veterans through the delivery of products that provide recipients with joy, companionship, emotional support, and more. This month, the “Pets for Vets” program will expand to deliver nearly 2,000 companion pets and interactive board games to Veterans living in Community Living Centers across the nation.

There are 132 Community Living Centers (CLCs) throughout the United States; these imperative homes provide a comfortable environment and extensive care for vulnerable Veterans across the United States. Of those living in CLCs, more than fifty percent have a diagnosis of dementia and/or experience feelings of social isolation and loneliness. This revolutionary initiative aims to combat said challenges by distributing robust care packages to those impacted.

Joy for All™ Companion Pets from Ageless Innovation are lifelike robotic animals designed to simulate the presence and behaviors of real pets. Equipped with advanced features like realistic fur, responsive movements, and interactive sounds, these companions offer a unique and interactive experience, providing emotional support and comfort to individuals who may be unable to care for live pets. More than a dozen clinical studies from AARP, UnitedHealthcare, and other trusted sources have shown that they have the ability to enhance the lives of older adults living with social isolation, loneliness, and forms of cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. The pets, through many clinical studies and first-hand experience at Capital Caring Health are proven to improve the quality of life of Veterans and others suffering from dementia and loneliness. The board games, which Ageless Innovation just recently announced, will expand upon the benefits of the Companion Pets, and aim to facilitate intergenerational connection, stimulate conversation, and more.

“Veterans and their families have access to many support services, but none of these provide for this evidence-based and lasting way to bring around-the-clock joy and companionship to Veterans,” said Steve Cone, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Capital Caring Health. “As loneliness rates across the U.S. skyrocket, there’s no better time to implement this unique program, particularly as we gear up to formally honor our Veterans on November 11.

Both Capital Caring Health and Ageless Innovation have considerable passion and experience in serving Veterans. Capital Caring Health has served thousands of Veterans in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia region through its hospice and palliative care programs. Ageless Innovation has worked with dozens of VA Medical Centers across the country, providing Joy for All™ Companion Pets to Veterans.

“At Ageless Innovation, we pride ourselves on delivering ‘play’ to a variety of populations. Our meaningful partnership with Capital Caring Health allows us to reach a remarkable group of individuals that are deserving of fun, comfort, and companionship,” said Jim Murphy, SVP of Healthcare at Ageless Innovation. “The impact of the “Pets for Vets” program thus far has been vast, and we’re confident that the delivery of even more companion pets and interactive board games will only further that impact among Veterans across the nation.”

Capital Caring Health and Ageless Innovation are dedicated to enriching the lives of Veterans with dementia, social isolation, and loneliness through the ongoing distribution of Joy for All™ Companion Pets and games. For additional information, visit and  


About Capital Caring Health: Capital Caring Health is a not-for-profit, community-based organization founded in the nation’s capital in 1977. Capital Caring Health is one of the most experienced and respected providers in the nation of advanced illness, hospice and elder care including primary care at home. Our care for children with life–limiting disease is the largest on the East Coast. Additional services focus on the special care needs of veterans, and those with heart failure and end-stage lung disease. More than $3 million annually funds care for those who lack coverage or the necessary financial resources for services. Over the years, Capital Caring Health has provided hospice, palliative care, and counseling to nearly 120,000 patients and their families through our regional neighborhood network across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  

About Ageless Innovation: Ageless Innovation is a global company devoted to developing fun and engaging products for older adults. Beginning with the award-winning line of Joy for All Companion Pets, Ageless Innovation is focused on creating products that promote fun, joy and play while reducing cost of care and creating meaningful connections for older adults, their families, and caregivers. For more information, visit


Steve Cone, Chief of Communications, Marketing & Philanthropy

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