New Inpatient Hospice Center Opens at Sibley Memorial Hospital

In 2022, Capital Caring Health Continues to Provide the Only Inpatient Hospice Care in Washington DC

Our New Inpatient Hospice Center Opens on February 8 at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital. Significant Funding was Provided by The Washington Home Foundation.

Washington, DC Feb 8 – For the first time at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital, Inpatient end-of-life care is now available at the new Washington Home Capital Caring Health Inpatient Center.  The 10-bed hospice unit was made possible in part by a generous donation from The Washington Home, with medical care and social support provided by Capital Caring Health (CCH).

“It’s extremely gratifying to partner with The Washington Home in building this new inpatient facility,” said Tom Koutsoumpas, Capital Caring Health President and CEO. “It is a true reflection of our shared mission and values to bring the highest quality care to our community.”

Hospice care focuses on managing symptoms, including pain, to bring comfort and relief so patients and families can spend quality time together. While nearly 95% of all CCH hospice patients receive care at home, those with life-limiting illness sometimes require a more advanced level of care and support that only an inpatient unit (IPU) can provide. The new IPU at Sibley assures local hospice patients and families access to more intensive care when they need it, close to home for convenience and peace of mind.

Opening on February 8, 2022, the unit is staffed by specially-trained CCH team members, including a physician, hospice skilled nursing staff, a social worker, and chaplain. A grief counselor is also available. All work together to assure patient and family needs are met.

Physically, the IPU is a calm, beautiful, art-filled space with individual private suites.

Each suite offers the comfort and amenities of home, allowing patients and families to be together, even overnight. There is also a cozy family lounge with a kitchenette. Family, friends, and loved ones are welcome to visit anytime, 24/7.

“We know this beautiful facility will honor our legacy to provide the Washington area with improved access to compassionate care at the end of life,” said Sharon Collins Casey, Board Chair of The Washington Home Foundation, successor to the former well-known nursing home, hospice, and rehabilitation center.  “We’re delighted to be part of such a valuable community project.” 

Phyllis Dillinger, CEO/CFO of The Washington Home agrees, said, “As the need for hospice care continues to grow, the IPU will undoubtedly make a significant impact in our community. Our major grant to help establish the new hospice center at Sibley is a significant way that The Washington Home Foundation will continue our longstanding mission of supporting end-of-life care.

Hazan Zia, M.D.,M.B.A.,F.A.C.S., President and Chief Operating Officer, Sibley Memorial Hospital said, “We are pleased to have a role in making inpatient hospice services available to area residents. It’s a welcomed addition to our hospital campus and supports both our mission and commitment to meeting the needs of the community.”

The new Washington Home Capital Caring Health Inpatient Center at Sibley expands the locations and care options offered by CCH, one of the country’s oldest and largest nonprofit providers of hospice, palliative, and elder care services. CCH offers care in neighborhoods throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., including two inpatient sites. Specialized services are also available through Primary Care at Home, the Schaufeld Family Advanced Pain Clinic, and the George Pakidis Advanced Cardiac Care program. 

To learn more about The Washington Home Capital Caring Health Inpatient Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital, please call Audrey Easaw at 703-531-2399.

Steve Cone
Chief of Communications, Marketing & Philanthropy


About Capital Caring Health: As a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 1977, Capital Caring Health has become one of the most experienced and respected providers of hospice, palliative, and elder care services in the country. Our compassionate hospice and palliative care doctors, nurses and physician and nursing assistants are board-certified, advanced certified, or specialty-trained, in hospice and palliative medicine. CCH spends more than $3.2 million annually to fund care for those who lack coverage or the necessary financial resources for services. Almost 90 cents of every dollar go to caring for patients and their families. Over the years, Capital Caring Health has provided hospice, palliative care, and counseling to nearly 120,000 patients and their families through our regional neighborhood network across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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