40 for 40: The Moreno Family’s Story

No parent expects to lose a child.  Every parent’s desire is to celebrate the birth of a healthy child and look forward to all of life’s challenges, hopes, and fulfillments. So when the heartbreaking news arrives that the baby will not survive, a world is shattered and a new reality pushes in.

This was the new reality for the Moreno family — Sarah, Alex, and older brother Mason. When they received the diagnosis, the family brought Capital Caring into their lives with the understanding that comfort, care, and love were the most important gifts they could provide their beautiful son, Eli.

The Moreno family opened their hearts to Capital Caring, and we met the hopes they had for their child. Our caregivers listened to the family’s needs and desires and brought expertise, teaching, and resources to support the family, but most importantly, we brought presence, respect, compassion, and love. We listened to their beliefs, needs, and stories. We honored their parenthood and the deep and profound sorrow that surrounds the shocked and unsuspecting heart.

To serve such a brave and respectful family is an honor. We brought all that makes hospice such an extraordinary gift by providing comfort for body, mind, and soul. And the family responded with love, grace, acceptance, and resolute hearts.

Baby Eli lived for more than 20 days. Each moment of that life was surrounded with care and compassion, and we are so very grateful to have shared in his life and the life of this wonderful family.

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