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MemoryWell’s network of specially trained writers craft brief, intimate stories that capture the legacy of each person’s legacy and contributions. The stories create lasting family keepsakes and promote better care. Interviews happen remotely by phone and stories are shared on-line. 

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Michael Toohig

Michael Toohig was stationed in Europe during World War II with the US Army. When the war ended, he took a side trip to Ireland to see his ancestral homeland and his grandmother. During the trip, he made the local papers as the first “Yank” to come to town…

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Neil Parker

Neil Parker’s long-lasting marriage and four beautiful children almost did not happen. He cancelled his engagement mere weeks before his wedding day more than a half century ago, wracked with a severe case of cold feet. But a few months separated from young Frances Peltzman humbled him, and by the spring he was calling on her again. “I found out I really loved her,” he says of their time apart….

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Sulaimain Bangura, RN Case Manager

When Sulaiman Bangura came to America from Sierra Leone 17 years ago at the age of 23, he was seeking a better life. He found it not only in the United States, but also through a rewarding career in nursing…

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Marrygold Ugorji, CNA

Marrygold Ugorji was on leave from her job this spring with a sprained ankle when coronavirus case numbers began to spike in the Washington DC area. She watched the death toll rising on the news and worried about her impending return to work…

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Steven Skobel, Nurse Practitioner

Helping families cope with loss is an intrinsic part of daily work for Steven Skobel, a palliative care nurse practitioner. “Anyone who works in this business knows in their soul of understanding this is the nature of the business,” he says…

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Sherri Parker, Team Lead Medical Social Worker

Sherri Parker started her career as a social worker nearly 30 years ago working with hospice patients. Now she is leading an effort to bring care into the home much earlier for older adults who have an advanced illness or disability…

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Colleen Carberry, RN Case Manager

Throughout her more than 20-year career as a hospice care nurse, Colleen Carberry has never appreciated the healing power of a smile—or a touch—more than she does now. In the midst of a pandemic, she still provides in-person care for patients approaching end of life and comforts their families…

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Paulette Davidson, Chaplain

Paulette Davidson’s first job as a healthcare chaplain was at the top trauma hospital in Washington D.C. When patients were brought in from car accidents or with gunshot wounds or third-degree burns, she was there. “I was that silent voice praying by the bedside while doctors are working to save their lives,” she says…

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Donna Smith

Helping others deal with grief and loss in so-called “normal” times is a challenge for healthcare workers. That challenge is often compounded when a child is lost, or a young person faces the death of a family member. But facing those challenges in a pandemic adds another layer of complexity to the task…

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Learning what has motivated people throughout their lives helps our care team see beyond medical records to understand what matters most to them.

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