40 for 40: Karla Vasquez’s Story

Karla was readmitted into Capital Caring just before the 2016 holiday season. At her initial meeting with her social worker and her chaplain, she was very concerned about her family. She almost disregarded her cancer, pain, and nausea, but focused on how to care for her family.  It was obvious that this was her biggest concern.  The social worker gently asked, “What do you need for Christmas?”  Without much thought, Karla responded, “A puffy winter coat for my daughter.”

Karla collaborated a little more with the chaplain and social worker about sizes and other needs.  The social worker approached the Volunteer Coordinator in Capital Caring’s Arlington neighborhood with this request, which then led to an e-mail to the many volunteers who contribute their time to supporting neighbors in need.  Within 24 hours, three brand-new coats had been purchased and hundreds of dollars had been donated for the family. The volunteers opened their hearts and wanted to do more.  In the end, Karla’s family were together for Christmas with scarves, hats and gloves as well as extra money to help pay the bills.  The Capital Caring volunteers made this a memorable and warm holiday season for Karla and her family.

Karla and her family were featured in a segment on NBC4 on December 23, 2016. Watch her story here.

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