Grief Counseling and Support in Maryland

Placing a loved one in hospice following an extended battle with an illness can be stressful for all involved. Of course, hospice is meant to care for patients and make them comfortable in their final days, weeks, or months. For the family members, however, the grief may begin long before their loved one passes away. No one likes seeing a parent, sibling, or friend in hospice, and the grief can become unbearable.

At Capital Caring Health, we understand that grief is a complicated emotion that doesn’t always have simple solutions. Fortunately, our grief support services in Maryland can address your grieving concerns, whether you have used our hospice services or not. Many of our grief counselors are licensed social workers who can work with you for a short-term period to help you through these trying times.

What is Grief Counseling?

Grief is a normal and human response to loss, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve when coping with an illness or the death of a loved one. We recognize that each person who loses a loved one responds and grieves uniquely. With our grief services, your grief journey will be as individual as you are, and our highly qualified staff is available to offer support and companionship as you move through the grief process.

At Capital Caring Health, we ensure that you are never alone as you learn to live with the loss of a loved one. Our grief counseling and support services help you to accept what has happened and begin progressing through the natural, normal stages of grief. The goal of grief counseling is to help you accept your feelings and then work through them, which is a necessary part of healing. 

When you reach out for grief counseling with Capital Caring Health, you will find a safe space that allows you to be open with your feelings without judgment. Our Maryland grief counselors will talk to you about accepting the death, any psychological trauma you experienced during the death, and how you feel about the situation. We will also discuss how to handle the major life changes you will have to face, as well as how you can manage any residual feelings you have about the death, including guilt, anger, numbness, or non-acceptance.

Our grief services include the following:

  • Telephone support or ZOOM video calls
  • Short-term individual or family grief counseling
  • Resources for families with children, as well as support groups and workshops
  • Referrals to long-term counseling, when needed

What Are the Symptoms of Grief?

To help you determine whether our grief support in Maryland is right for you, we want to detail some conditions that could be symptoms of grief. If you experience any of these symptoms during your loved one’s hospice phase or after the death, you may benefit from Capital Caring Health’s services.

  • Agitation and Anxiety
  • Sadness and Loneliness
  • Hopelessness and Apathy

These are common, natural feelings for people who are grieving. Our grief counselors do not try to eliminate these feelings or tell you that you “should not feel this way.” What our grief support services will do is help you cope with your feelings and try to get you to see that life doesn’t have to be this way forever. We will help you to accept the death and still be able to live your life to the fullest while remembering and honoring your loved one.

Find Compassionate Grief Support in Maryland

You can see how grief can be enormously complex and how it can last for months or even years. At Capital Caring Health, we offer short-term grief counseling in Maryland, whether your loved ones have utilized our hospice services or not. These services are available for individuals and families. We can help you as much as we can, but if you need an external referral, we can make one for you, as well.

We invite you to call us at 844-4-GRIEVE (844-447-4383) or contact us using our online form to learn more about the grief support services at Capital Caring Health.

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