It’s #GivingTuesday – a day for giving back and to help our patients and families make the most of every moment. When we think of what matters to all of us at Capital Caring, we first think of the many generous and loyal friends and supporters who donate so that Capital Caring can continue to deliver comfort and joy to families dealing with life threatening illness. We also think of the courageous people we have had the privilege of knowing here at Capital Caring – people like James.*

James was an Army man, through and through. He was about to become a General when ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) stepped in and changed his plans. As ALS began to slowly destroy his body, James’ biggest concern was remaining strong for his five children – four boys and a little girl.

James worked hard to stay connected to his family even as he lost his ability to speak; he even learned to use an eye-reading computer to talk with his family. But eventually he became too weak to even use that and was unable to communicate at all.

But James never lost his joy in his children. His daughter was heartbroken that her father was too sick to come to her dance recitals. So, our team at Capital Caring decided James should get to see his little girl dance one last time.

We arranged for a special van, and our volunteers helped James get to the recital safely in his wheelchair. James beamed as the lights went up on stage, and he watched his little girl dance her heart out for her daddy.

When James died a few months later his wife and children told us they would treasure the memory of that beautiful afternoon for the rest of their lives.

This is the kind of caring we believe in at Capital Caring.  Each and every day, we focus on the little things that make someone’s final days a little brighter.  Like holding the hand of a father as he weeps in appreciation of seeing his daughter dance for the last time.

This #GivingTuesday—a national day for giving—please join us in taking care of our neighbors.

Please take a moment to make your #GivingTuesday gift to Capital Caring right now – for James, for your own loved ones, and for all of your neighbors who count on us to help them live out their final days with dignity and loving support.

Thank you for caring.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy