Capital Caring Health Expands across Shenandoah Valley to residents in the Clarke and Frederick Counties

Falls Church, VA –   April 2, 2020 — Capital Caring Health is dedicated to meeting the needs of the growing population of older adults and those with advanced illness in Mid-Atlantic region.  The organization recently announced an expansion throughout the Shenandoah Valley and is now providing care to residents living in Clarke and Frederick counties.

“We are committed to providing critical services to individuals with serious, advanced illnesses,” said Susan Zehner, RN, BSN, Clinical Supervisor for these new service areas. “This expansion allows us to meet the needs of patients who are dealing with serious illnesses throughout the Clarke and Frederick counties. Caring for these patients in their home is vitally important, and our clinical teams are truly honored to provide the best quality care to families in the comfort of their homes.”

In light of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, at home care for seniors is needed now more than ever before.  COVID-19 is most serious for seniors who are ill with one or more illnesses such as lung, heart, or kidney disease. Their risk of infection can also increase if they leave home and go to the ER or other crowded locations.  The safest way to prevent the infection is to stay at home.

As a local non-profit provider of advanced illness and hospice care, Capital Caring Health serves more than 95% of patients in their homes or wherever they permanently reside.  Learn more at or call our 24-Hour Care Line at (800) 869-2136.

About Capital Caring Health
Capital Caring Health is one of the leading nonprofit providers of elder health, hospice, and advanced illness care for persons of all ages in the mid-Atlantic region.  A member of a national network of 70 nonprofit hospice providers, our mission is to provide patients and their families with advanced illness care that is second to none.  We also have special hospice teams serving children and veterans.  On an annual basis, we serve over 7,000 hospice patients and provide more than $3 million in charity care to those who are uninsured and have nowhere else to turn.  Almost 90 cents out of every dollar goes to caring for patients and their families. Our website,, is available in English, Spanish, and Korean plus offers 24/7 Live Chat.  Since the beginning of hospice care over 40 years ago, we have served 120,000 patients and their families in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

24-Hour Care Line:  (800) 869-2136

*UPDATE – We are no longer servicing the Winchester area. Please call 800-869-2136 to learn if Capital Caring Health serves your neighborhood.

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