40 for 40: Dennis Morley’s Story

“Dennis left a distinct imprint that lingers,” said Kirsten Morley, Dennis’ wife of 19 years.  He was “outgoing, funny, and had a soft, big heart. He would do anything for a friend.” Dennis carried his love and compassion into his life in a variety of ways, including as a husband, father of four, elementary school teacher, music lesson instructor, drummer, and performer. He absolutely loved introducing kids to music!

Kirsten shares that she continues to feel Dennis’ presence in the way their children, Sarah, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Brian live each day. His goofy sense of humor and funny nicknames for family members, pets, and friends continue to be remembered with a smile. One of Dennis’ professional colleagues shares that it was Dennis who kept people positive and connected in the workplace. Dennis taught music, but he also taught kids and adults how to listen to and value one another.

Dennis loved his family and life so much that he fought with all of his might, for a long time, to keep carrying on as normal. When he had done all he possibly could, Dennis gracefully accepted what was to come. His priority was ensuring his wife and children were well taken care of and that their futures would be secure. With the help of the Capital Caring team, Dennis was able to express his thoughts and his love during his final moments with his family.

“Capital Caring anticipated our every need,” says Kirsten. She continues that she and Dennis felt supported and well cared for by each person who contributed to his care team. Kirsten is grateful for the excellent care that Capital Caring provided them during this very difficult time.

Though she misses her husband deeply, Kirsten is sure that his memory will live on forever in the hearts and music of so many young people and adults who were blessed just to know Dennis Morley. And, in honor of Dennis, Capital Caring’s Fredericksburg neighborhood implemented a special “Music for Caring” program. An ambitious high school junior, Jackson Hoit, made “Music for Caring” his special school project. As a result, he and a handful of dedicated teen volunteers have been enriching the lives of Capital Caring’s moms, dads and kids with their beautiful music since Dennis’ passing in September of 2016.

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