COVID Loss Mental Health Care

COVID kills twice as many Americans than were killed in World War II
Most have NO emotional support, but it doesn’t have to be that way 

The Sad Fact…
Twice the number of Americans have died of COVID-19 than were killed in World War II, but most families are suffering today with no emotional support. DMV families, and families across the nation, should know they are not alone in their grief, and it costs nothing for professional counseling services, offered by Capital Caring Health (CCH) for every DMV family regardless of ability to pay, and for people of any age!

The CCH Solution…
We offer group sessions as well and one on ones, and have specially trained staff to help those who have lost a loved one due to COVID-19. We charge nothing because we view grief counseling as part of our mission for all the communities we serve. Many children are struggling with the loss of a parent, sibling, close friend or grandparent, so we offer special counseling programs for children including a summer overnight camp hosted by CCH this July, which is also completely free. We have 100 professional counselors in the DMV made up of grief counselors, social workers, and chaplains. We want to help as many area families as possible with their grief and, so often, extreme depression.

Changing COVID Mental Health Attitudes…

Capital Caring Health, and the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI)—a nationwide association of 75 non-profit hospices dedicated to helping people live fully through the end of life, and offering mental health care—are combining forces locally and nationally to help people cope, and grow beyond COVID-19 loss. This is a journey they don’t need to make alone, and with proper mental health assistance, we know people can grow, and move beyond the trauma of losing a loved one even stronger.

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