Capital Caring Health Recognizes National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Seven Things You Should Know About Specialized Home Care

Falls Church, Virginia, November 2, 2020—Capital Caring Health (CCH) today launched a community-wide education campaign in partnership with WTOP radio to enlighten the community about hospice and advanced illness care in time for National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, observed in November. The campaign also spotlights the disparity of advanced illness care and hospice utilization by minority populations, and the continued need for education and awareness of this important health care alternative.

“We’re committed to raising awareness throughout all communities we serve in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., so that families understand the difference advanced illness and hospice care can make to quality of life for loved ones facing serious illness,” states Tom Koutsoumpas, President and CEO of Capital Caring Health. “Common misconceptions can keep patients and families from investigating these care options, while surveys show people often wish they’d known earlier such care was available.”

As one of the oldest and largest hospices in the country — in the top ten of the 4,300 hospices nationwide in terms of size – Capital Caring Health is paving the way for individuals from all walks of life to understand and access specialized home care when facing an advanced or life-limiting illness.

At Capital Caring Health, experience teaches what a difference advance illness and hospice care can make to individuals and families during their most challenging times. With specialized care and support – primarily delivered at home — the focus is always on providing the best quality of life possible — as defined by each individual and family.

Research shows there are significant disparities in utilization of hospice by minorities:

  • 83% of hospice patients in the United States are Caucasians, while African Americans represent only 8%, followed by Hispanics at 6.4%, Asians at 2% and Native Americans at .05%.

The study also revealed that nearly 60% of the LGBTQ community have concerns about health care providers not being sensitive to their needs.

“At Capital Caring Health our care is unconditional and guaranteed for one and all regardless of your race, religion, ethnicity, culture, mental health status, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, or ability to pay,” explained Tom Koutsoumpas.

“It is our hope that this month, we are able to reach more members of the community in need of personalized, compassionate care, delivered in the home, that they remember these seven key points,” he concluded:

  1. Hospice and advanced illness care are comprehensive medical care and support services that comes to You – in your home or wherever you are living;
  2. Hospice and advanced illness care are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance –however Capital Caring Health never turns anyone away if they are unable to pay;
  3. Hospice and advanced illness care provide invaluable medical and social support for the family caregiver as well as their loved one for six months or more, as needed. It is not a ‘last resort’ for specialized care;
  4. Capital Caring Health provides grief counseling to anyone in the community who has suffered a loss, regardless of whether they are in our care or not;
  5. Capital Caring Health cares for patients of all ages – from infants to centenarians, with a specialized pediatric hospice and palliative care program, and a special Veterans program that provides customized medical and support services. Our Primary Care at Home program launched earlier this year provides pre-hospice, in-home primary and urgent care to seniors (ages 65+) who are home limited due to a chronic illness or mobility issue.
  6. Capital Caring Health’s care team provides comprehensive care to keep patients in their homes in comfort, and also have four inpatient units for 24/7 care should additional support be needed on a short-term basis – all designed to keep patients home where its safe and out of the hospital;
  7. Capital Caring Health’s funders, partners and volunteers offer a myriad of support services to help patients ‘celebrate life’ and fulfill their last wishes.

For more information or to download our No Place Like Home Guide, visit or call our 24-Hour Care Line: 800-869-2136.

About Capital Caring Health

Capital Caring Health is one of the leading nonprofit providers of elder health, hospice, and advanced illness care for persons of all ages in the mid-Atlantic region.  A member of a national network of 70 nonprofit hospice providers, our mission is to provide patients and their families with advanced illness care that is second to none.  We also have special hospice teams serving children and veterans.  On an annual basis we serve over 7,000 hospice patients and provide more than $3 million in charity care to those who are uninsured and have nowhere else to turn.  Almost 90 cents out of every dollar goes to caring for patients and their families. Since the beginning of hospice care over 40 years ago, we have served 140,000 patients and their families in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

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