Capital Caring Health Receives $500,000 from the Neal C. Nichols Family Foundation, Inc

Gift names Advanced Cardiac Care Program after long time CCH Donor and Volunteer, George P. Pakidis

Falls Church, VA September 16, 2021 Capital Caring Health—the mid-Atlantic’s leading nonprofit provider of hospice and advanced illness care—today announced the award of $500,000 from the Neal C. Nichols Family Foundation, Inc.  The gift is designated for Capital Caring Health’s ( CCH ) Advanced Cardiac Care Program, — a specialized service that provides in-home care and support to patients and families coping with end-stage congestive heart failure ( CHF ).  This comprehensive in-home cardiac care program means patients can avoid, often entirely, visits to the doctor, emergency room, and inpatient hospital stays.

This generous donation thanks to Neal Nichols and his family foundation is to be distributed over 5 years and is in memory of his close friend and former business associate George Pakidis who recently died from heart disease.  Henceforth, the Advanced Cardiac Care Program will be named in his honor.

In remarking on this donation Mr. Nichols stated, “George and I personally experienced the difference that Capital Caring Health can make in people’s lives, including our own.  I know my support will help those who are seriously ill with end-stage heart failure remain in their home with family rather than be relegated to a hospital bed.”

“More Americans die of heart disease than any other condition, including cancer,” notes Tom Koutsoumpas, President and CEO of CCH.  He added: “Thanks to the generosity of Neal and his family foundation more chronic heart failure patients will be able to stay at home and focus on what matters most—spending time with family and close friends and not worrying about ending up in a hospital room alone for their last moments of life.”

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