Capital Caring Health Provides Free Ice Cream Break to Oncology and Hospice Patients and their Families

September 2, 2020 – Washington, D.C. – Thanks to a generous grant made possible by The Washington Home’s Duff Ice Cream Trust, oncology patients at Sibley Memorial Hospital and hospice patients at Capital Caring Health’s (CCH) Inpatient Center in Northeast Washington will be able to enjoy free, unlimited ice cream treats to help ease the side effects of their medical condition, like dry mouth, and lift their spirits.

“We are so excited to be able to deliver these sweet treats to our patients, their families, and our staff,” said Rodney Smith, Associate Executive Director, CCH’s Inpatient Center Northeast.

“In some cases, it is difficult to find a food that is easily consumed by some of our patients who are dealing with the side effects of medical conditions, including dryness of the mouth, difficulty swallowing or chewing,” Smith added.  “Many of our patients find that the smooth texture and numerous ice cream flavor offerings is just what the doctor ordered.”

Furthermore, research also shows that ice cream can be beneficial for cancer patients by helping them manage side effects from cancer and cancer treatment including: weight loss, sore mouth, and changes in taste and smell. In addition to caring for patients with cancer, Capital Caring Health also provides advanced illness care for individuals with various other chronic illnesses, and ice cream can have the same therapeutic effects for them as well.

Berliner Specialty Distributor is providing the ice cream, which is being stocked in freezers located at both facilities. Ice cream will be replenished as needed.

Oncology and hospice patients are grateful for the convenient treats and their families are thankful to share a special moment with their loved ones while also enjoying a sweet, refreshing ice cream treat.


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