Capital Caring Health Earns Accreditation from National Institute For Jewish Hospice

May 11, 2020 – Falls Church, Virginia – Capital Caring Health recently earned accreditation from the National Institute For Jewish Hospice (NIJH). The accreditation affirms Capital Caring Health’s commitment to serving Jewish patients and families in a culturally sensitive way.

Capital Caring Health is the only hospice organization in Washington, D.C., to achieve this accreditation, and is among only one other hospice organization to earn this accreditation in both Maryland and Virginia.

“Our organization is committed to meeting the needs of the diverse populations we serve,” said Tom Koutsoumpas, President and CEO of Capital Caring Health.

“We are honored to earn this important accreditation which allows our organization to provide an even greater level of specialized support and end-of-life care for the Jewish terminally ill,” Koutsoumpas added.

Accreditation from the NIJH required that leaders within Capital Caring Health, including social workers, nurses, administrators, and clergy/chaplains, attend a national conference to gain an understanding of Jewish medical ethics in hospice care as well as Jewish aspects of consolation and bereavement. Additionally, NIJH required that CCH provide training on Jewish End-of-Life Caring and medical ethics to its 1,000-plus staff throughout Capital Caring Health.

“The NIJH training and education has provided our staff with an enhanced understanding of Jewish culture and unique aspects of Jewish grief and mourning,” said Altonia Garrett, RN, MBA, Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, and co-chair of Capital Caring Health’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

Garrett added, “We are integrating our understanding of Jewish medical ethics into hospice care in order to provide the best possible care to patients and their families of the Jewish faith.”

NIJH has accredited and reaccredited 225 Jewish hospice programs in the United States. NIJH was established in 1985 and serves as a resource and educational center for hospices, hospitals, family services, medical organizations, and all healthcare agencies, educating them on the issues and challenges of serving the Jewish terminally ill.

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