Capital Caring Health Announces Goal of Transforming the Lives of the 1.5 Million Veteran Dementia Sufferers Across the Nation

An address will be given on August 15th to the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs

Falls Church, VA – August 4, 2022 Capital Caring Health is on a mission to improve the lives of all Veterans nationwide with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

The Answer. Robotic Companion Pets.

Robotic Companion Pets are proven in numerous clinical studies to provide joy, comfort, and interactive companionship to dementia sufferers.  Steve Cone, Chief of Philanthropy, remarked: “In almost all cases when a veteran with dementia is handed a robotic dog or cat their personality is literally transformed from, agitated, angry, and often confused to joyful, friendly, and loving their new pet friend. These pets are not toys – they perform much like real dogs and cats and respond to sound and touch as well as movement because of built in sensors in their eyes.”

Further remarking, Tom Koutsoumpas Capital Caring Health’s CEO went on to say: “No Veteran should have to suffer from the mental devastation of dementia when we now have a proven low cost way of providing robotic pet companionship that allows the Veteran to hold a pet and make it their own and have a sense of worth and purpose. Plus, live pets are usually not an option for various reasons including being inadvertently harmed by a dementia sufferer.”

Capital Caring Health’s clinical staff also see first – hand that dementia sufferers with robotic pet companions can often have daily medications reduced. Depression and feeling isolated can also be prevented.

On August 15th Steve Cone is addressing the annual meeting of the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs on collectively finding a way to bring in donations to provide robotic pets free of charge for every Veteran dementia sufferer. To learn more, go to

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