Capital Caring featured in the Washington Post for quality care

Excerpts from today’s Washington Post:

Some families offer almost reverential praise for the services they have received… take, for example, Robert Campopiano of Falls Church, Va. Years ago, both of his parents received hospice care. So did his mother-in-law. At 74, stricken with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, Campopiano received hospice care from Capital Caring, a large nonprofit provider in the Washington region.

“Every experience we’ve had with hospice has been wonderful,” his wife, Lynn, said.

No hospice is perfect, however. It is an inherently human enterprise, and even good hospices can make mistakes. Capital Caring makes some extra attempts to avoid them. It has created a call center from which operators can call every patient once or twice a day.

The Campopianos get a call every morning between 9 and 10 from the hospice to check his status. During one of the morning calls, Lynn reported a stomach problem. Another time, she reported that Robert seemed more dependent on the oxygen machine. Both times, the hospice sent out a nurse or another staff member to check in.

Lynn said, “If I needed someone in the middle of the night, I know they’d be there.”

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