40 for 40: Leslie Rodney’ Story

My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2015. In February 2017, her health began to fail but we were still hopeful for her recovery. Her medical team delivered the news that there was nothing more to be done on March 26th. My father entrusted Capital Caring’s inpatient facility to care for my mom during her last days. I have never experienced such compassion and empathy from a care team. The nurses, techs, nurse practitioner, social workers, chaplain, musicians and clerical staff were outstanding. They brought such calm and peace during the most difficult time in our lives. My mother passed away on March 30th with family by her side. Beyond her passing, Capital Caring continues to support my family. As members of the medical profession, I, along with my father, brothers and sisters-in-law, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Capital Caring Halquist to patients,friends and family.

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