40 for 40: Brenda Skrobialowski’s Story

My niece was admitted to your services on January 25, 2018. We did not receive help obtaining medications for pain. We were left scrambling around trying to locate these difficult to find medications. Finally we were able to locate them. The nurse came out and was there when my niece arrived home from the hospital. I acted as her nurse since I am a hospice nurse. I managed her pain and IV fluid to keep her alive until our family could get to her bedside. We had been told at the hospital that continuous care was not available as there was a waiting list. in my 20+ years as a hospice RN I have never heard that continuous care has not been available when needed. I left the home when she went into a coma as we were anticipating. I had little sleep in the two days prior to this. She passed away 15 minutes after I left. The family called your company as I instructed them. The nurse came and pronounced her. She did not remove her urinary catheter or her Huber needle from her medport. She did not bath her. She did not destroy medications. She left the home after telling the family they could call the funeral home. She did not even offer to remain with the family until my nieces body was removed. I have let the doctor who referred us to your company know about the lack of care and consideration we received. I have let other nurses who work in your area know of your poor performance. I did call to complain the morning my niece passed. I received a bunch of excuses and absolutely no apology. There is no way to undo the bad experience my family had that morning. The last moments of our nieces being with us.