Therapy Dogs in Virginia

Advanced illnesses can take a huge emotional toll on the people who have them.  While physical treatments make up most of the care that patients with advanced illness receive, their mental health and well-being can’t be forgotten. Our mental health has a huge impact on us, and Capital Caring Health is dedicated to ensuring that our patients have resources that make them feel comfortable and at ease. Many services available today can help patients’ emotional well-being, a popular one being therapy dogs. 

Capital Caring Health offers therapy dogs in Virginia for patients and others who rely on our services to provide comfort and enjoyment when they need it most. We know the positive impact that therapy dogs can have and participate in the Pet Peace of Mind program, which teaches hospice care providers the importance of these services. 

Benefits of Therapy Dogs

Most people enjoy spending time around dogs. Whether you have a dog at home or see one passing by on the street, they can immediately boost our moods. Therapy dogs are even more beneficial to spend time around, as they’re trained to provide the right type of comfort for those who need it.  

Here are a few benefits that therapy dogs have to offer. 

Comfort and Support

One of the most obvious benefits of therapy dogs is the comfort and support they offer. Dogs can be extremely relaxing to be around, even in difficult times. Anyone who has had a dog of their own knows how comforting the feeling of having the unconditional love of an animal can be. Having a loyal pet by your side can help distract someone from everything, even if only for a few moments. 

Easier Communication and Socialization

Struggling with an advanced illness can make it difficult to communicate and socialize with others. This can often lead to people feeling alone and isolated, even when they have loved ones who care for them. Whether a person isn’t feeling up to conversing with others or is physically unable to, this can impact their emotional health. Therapy dogs, however, can be easy to engage with. Being around therapy dogs can make it easier for people to communicate and socialize with others. 

Provides Physical Comfort

Therapy dogs can provide more than just emotional comfort for patients. There are many ways we can physically feel comfortable, such as receiving a hug from a loved one. However, this isn’t always possible with an advanced illness. A therapy dog can provide gentle physical comfort, whether you’re petting them or letting them calmly rest their head on you. If the person is physically able, they may even enjoy playing with one of the dogs. 

Learn More About Therapy Dogs in Virginia

A positive outlook is extremely important for those dealing with an advanced illness or other difficult times, like after losing a loved one. At Capital Caring Health, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality care for our patients and their loved ones. We have locations throughout Virginia that provide services such as therapy dogs, including ones in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Culpeper, Manassas, Fredericksburg, and Richmond

Contact us to learn more about Capital Caring Health’s therapy dog program.

Therapy Dogs in Maryland

It’s often been said that dogs are “man’s best friend.” Considering how hard it is to imagine a time when a person would need a friend more than when dealing with an advanced or terminal illness, it’s no surprise that therapy dogs have been found to be so beneficial for patients in palliative and hospice care.

That’s why Capital Caring Health is happy to offer our therapy dogs in Maryland to those in our care, as well as to their loved ones. Whether providing unconditional love to patients battling depression, solace to grieving family members, or even just a much-needed distraction from everyday worries, therapy dogs can heal parts of people even the best medicines can barely touch: their hearts and minds.

How Therapy Dogs Help Our Patients

They Comfort the Lonely

For patients who are confined to their homes, loneliness is a common issue. Even the most dedicated caregiver or medical professional can’t be there all the time. Our therapy dogs in Maryland may not be great conversationalists, they still provide comfort and companionship to those who need it. A visit from a therapy dog is often just the thing to dispel a patient’s boredom and improve their mood. As anyone with a pet of their known knows, an animal’s head on one’s lap is like a soothing balm.

Playtime Raises Spirits

When struggling with an advanced or terminal medical condition, fun and laughter become precious commodities. They’re also far too rare. While it’s easy for people to let their illnesses get them down, our therapy dogs in Maryland never let that get in the way. Simply put, they’re always ready to play. Whether it’s something as simple as rolling a ball back and forth or having them sit, roll over, and shake hands, playtime is a great way of distracting a patient from their current stresses.

They Keep Patients Active

Something many hospice and palliative care patients have difficulty with is making time to get fresh air and keep active. Even small amounts of exercise have shown to be beneficial for general health, but for patients who are in a condition that allows for it, finding the right motivation can still be tricky.  Our therapy dogs in Maryland provide that motivation, transforming even a short walk to the corner and back from a tedious chore into something well worth looking forward to.

Capital Caring Health Offers Therapy Dogs in Maryland

Capital Caring Health is committed to helping improve the quality of life for patients dealing with advanced and terminal illnesses. That’s why we offer a wide range of hospice and palliative care services, including therapy dogs, grief support, at-home care, and volunteer assistance.

If you or someone you love could benefit from our therapy dogs in Largo or Montgomery County, Maryland, or any of our other services, call Capital Caring Health today at 800-869-2136 or contact us using our online form. Your health and comfort are our top priorities!

Therapy Dogs in Washington, D.C.

When you or a loved one struggles with an advanced illness, therapy and emotional support are extremely important. The physical health of people with serious illnesses is always a priority, but their emotional health and well-being also need to be looked after. Today, therapy and emotional support come in many shapes and sizes to help those who need it. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know the positive impact they can have. Because of this, therapy dogs have become a more common way of providing support. 

Therapy dogs can bring a great deal of comfort for those battling serious illnesses. At Capital Caring Health, we offer therapy dogs in Washington, D.C., as a service for our patients. We’re the first hospice in the area to participate in the Pet Peace of Mind program, which provides patients in hospice care around the country with therapy dogs. 

How Do Therapy Dogs Help?

When you think of the care given for advanced illnesses and medical conditions, you might not think of getting to spend time with animals. Therapy dogs might not seem like a typical form of therapy, but they can be very effective. The relationship we have with animals is special. Part of what being around a dog is so enjoyable is the unconditional love they provide. Dogs used for this therapy aren’t like your typical pet, either. Therapy dogs are trained for this service, so they know how to respond to signs of anxiety and depression to provide emotional support when it’s needed. With a therapy dog, you can spend your time being playful or enjoy a quiet moment relaxing with them.

Therapy dogs can provide support for many of our hospice patients and others who use our services. Nearly anyone who needs comfort can benefit from petting, or simply being around a therapy dog. If a patient has communication issues due to their illness, a therapy dog can be beneficial. Regardless of how you’re able to communicate with other people, forming a connection with a therapy dog is easy for anyone. Of course, many children look forward to any opportunity to pet and play with a dog. Therapy dogs are often used for breathing children to provide comfort and companionship as they go through this difficult moment. These dogs can help distract us from some of our worst moments and instantly improve our moods.

 Learn More About Therapy Dogs in Washington, D.C.

At Capital Caring Health, our goal is to do whatever we can to provide comfort to those with an advanced illness or people who have lost a loved one. There are many ways we can go about doing this depending on a person’s individual needs, but few things compare to the loyalty and love a dog can provide. Dealing with stress and other emotions that can come from struggling with an illness can take a huge toll on anyone, and the comfort of a trained therapy dog can provide some relief.

Volunteers play an important role at Capital Caring Health and in our therapy dog program. Our volunteers help make the program possible.

Contact us to learn more about our therapy dog program.

Volunteer for Hospice in Washington, D.C.

When our loved ones are severely ill and in hospice, we expect those in charge of caring for them to treat them with kindness and compassion. This is also something we all hope to have ourselves one day. Often when we think about the care those with advanced illnesses receive, we think of the medical professionals who treat them. While medical professionals are crucial in providing hospice care, they aren’t the only people who work with hospice patients. Volunteers help make quality hospice care possible. 

At Capital Caring Health, we depend on volunteers to help provide hospice care to our patients. To help give our patients the level of care they deserve, consider becoming a volunteer for hospice in Washington, D.C.

Why You Should Volunteer for Hospice 

Volunteering is something everyone should make time for. There are many deserving causes out there that desperately need volunteers regularly, including hospice care. Patients in hospice are going through an extremely difficult moment in their lives due to their illness, and we require the help of dedicated volunteers to make them more comfortable. 

Here are a few reasons you should volunteer for hospice. 

Give Back to Those Who Need It

Like any volunteer work, volunteering for hospice allows you to give back to people who genuinely need your help. When a person enters hospice, they’re often facing numerous challenges that significantly impact them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To care for those who require our services, many people are needed to help out. When you volunteer for hospice, you know you’re helping people who depend on your commitment. 

Improve Your Own Quality of Life

Volunteers selflessly give up their time for people and causes who need them. Helping others is the driving force for many volunteers, but in doing so, you can also end up helping yourself. Volunteer work can help improve the quality of your life. By doing this, you can feel good knowing that you're doing something that positively impacts other people and your community. If you’re a passionate and motivated individual, volunteering gives you something to invest that energy in.

Utilize Your Unique Skills

Each of our volunteers has something unique to offer, which makes volunteering for hospice with Capital Caring Health a perfect choice. You might not think you have the skills needed for hospice volunteers, but there are far more volunteering options than you might expect. Depending on what our patients need, we offer volunteering opportunities for positions like pet therapy, administrative work, and entertainment. 

Become a Hospice Volunteer Today

High-quality hospice care requires a team of skilled, dedicated individuals to care for patients, with volunteers making up an important part of this team. Capital Caring Health aims to provide care and support for those with advanced illnesses, but we can’t do that without the assistance of volunteers. We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication that our volunteers give and encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer. 

If you’re interested in becoming a hospice volunteer with Capital Caring Health, fill out our application form to get started.

Volunteer for Hospice in Maryland

For individuals struggling with advanced or terminal illnesses, and for their loved ones, a kind word and a helping hand can mean all the world. It doesn’t take much, just a little spare time and a kind heart. If you’ve ever wanted to say thanks to the veterans who have risked their lives for our safety, Capital Caring Health would like to invite you to consider volunteering for hospice in Maryland.

Since 1977, Capital Caring Health has worked to improve the quality of life of ailing veterans and their caregivers. None of it would be possible, however, without the contributions of those caring community members who just want to help.

You don’t have to be a medical expert in order to make a difference. People who volunteer for hospice in Maryland come from all walks of life and they all have their own personal reasons for doing it. Some are looking to gain valuable hands-on work experience and build their resume. Others are looking to connect with other members of the community, meet new people, and make new friends. Many do it simply because they know how much it means to the patients.

Whatever your reasons and whatever your experience, Capital Caring Health is happy to have you on our team. Volunteer for hospice in Maryland today!

What Do Hospice Volunteers Do?

They Provide Companionship

At Capital Caring Health, nothing is more important than the patients in our care. Our medical professionals can help treat their bodies, but we need help healing their hearts and minds. Illness can be emotionally exhausting as well as physically, and even the most dedicated caregiver can’t be around 24/7. When patients get lonely, having a Maryland hospice volunteer read to them or make friendly conversation with them helps lift their spirits, as well as put their loved ones’ minds at ease.

They Raise Funds

As a non-profit organization, Capital Caring Health relies on the generosity of the communities we serve. That means not only volunteers, but donors too. Lively fundraising events and educational presentations are the lifeblood that keep us going. When you volunteer for hospice in Maryland, you’re helping to improve thousands of veterans’ lives. And when you work to boost awareness and raise funds, you’re helping to ensure that future volunteers have that same opportunity for years to come.

They Get Creative

Who says volunteering can’t be fun? If you enjoy being creative, volunteering for hospice in Maryland is a great way to scratch that itch while also giving back. Art and music therapy are among the most valuable and popular services Capital Caring Health provides to both patients and caregivers. For a volunteer, it’s a chance to exercise your artistic skills while aiding in another person’s journey through a very scary time. You might be surprised at how much personal inspiration you find along the way.

They Provide Support

Just like anywhere else, at Capital Caring Health the most important work that needs doing is often supportive work. In other words, it’s the little things that matter most. Organizing files. Doing data entry. Staffing information tables. Making phone calls to check up on at-home patients. Running errands for overworked caregivers. It all adds up over time. When volunteering for hospice in Maryland, everything you do allows our medical professions to focus on providing the very best palliative care.

Learn How You Can Volunteer for Hospice in Maryland

With Capital Caring Health locations in Largo and Montgomery County, there’s no shortage of opportunities to volunteer for hospice in Maryland. And with Capital Caring Health being one of the oldest and largest non-profit providers of hospice care in America, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping the people who need it most.

If you’re interested in volunteering for hospice in Largo or Montgomery County, Maryland, call Capital Caring Health today at 800-737-2508 or contact us using our online form. Together we can make a difference!

Veterans Health & Support Services in Virginia

Capital Caring Health has worked hard to provide the best palliative, hospice, and other types of healthcare to our veteran patients since we were founded in 1977. It makes us feel good to care for veterans who once gave so willingly of themselves in the service of the United States.

That’s why, when it comes to Veterans Health and Support Services in Virginia, we don’t cut any corners. We go to great efforts to ensure that the end-of-life proceedings for patients with advanced illnesses are compassionate and comforting both for patients and their families and caregivers.

One way we do that is by making our hospice care customizable to our patients’ circumstances. Patients can receive hospice in one of our many locations throughout Virginia or in the comfort of their own homes.

So you know what you can expect, here are three major components of Capital Caring Health’s Veterans Health and Support Services in Virginia.

3 Components of Veterans Health & Support Services in Virginia

Hospice Team

The first and perhaps most important aspect of responsible hospice is the team that is providing healthcare to the patient. Hospice is a branch of medicine that can truly be called interdisciplinary. At any given time, hospice care can involve the contributions of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, home-health aides, spiritual counselors, dieticians, and volunteers. Capital Caring Health even makes every effort to match veteran hospice patients to veteran volunteers so these individuals can form closer relationships based on shared experiences.

Given the close involvement of all of these people in providing quality veterans’ hospice care in Virginia, it is easy to see why it’s important to work with the best hospice team you can find for your loved one.

Treatment and Therapy

The next aspect of hospice care to mention is the treatment and therapy portion. Hospice care treats symptoms rather than illnesses themselves. This is not to say that no one ever leaves hospice once they enter it, but what we are focused on with our hospice care is the raising of our patients’ quality of life. We may take x-rays, draw blood, and provide radiation therapy for patients as we care for them, but mostly we want to make patients comfortable. That may involve providing patients with medications to dull pain, oxygen to help them breathe more easily, and even mental/spiritual support to help them work through any anxiety they have about the coming days or weeks.

Focusing on the Veterans

The final aspect of our Veterans Health and Support Services in Virginia that we want to highlight is our focus on the veteran status of these patients. Given what veterans sacrifice by serving in the US armed forces, we take it upon ourselves to give back to these exceptional men and women who gave up their time and safety to protect their fellow citizens.

For instance, we can provide hospice to our veteran patients wherever they are, including in state-run veteran homes or the familiarity of a patient’s home. We are also sensitive to the physical and psychological medical conditions that many veterans face, and we do our best to provide relief from the symptoms of those conditions. Capital Caring Health also maintains a Battle Buddy volunteer program so veteran patients can interact with veteran volunteers. Finally, when a patient’s journey ends, we help families to facilitate military funerals.

Professional Veterans Health & Support Services in Virginia

Capital Caring Health exists to provide the best possible palliative and hospice care to veteran patients who need it most. We owe veterans our greatest efforts in these areas, both to show them respect as human beings nearing the ends of their lives and to say “thank you” for their service.

If you think your veteran loved one could benefit from our Veterans Health and Support Services in Virginia, contact Capital Caring Health. We maintain facilities in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Richmond, and many other locations. We can make our hospice care work for you, wherever you would like it to be.

Call us today to learn more. One of our representatives will be glad to answer any of your questions so you feel comfortable making this important decision for your family member or friend.

Veterans Health and Support Services in Washington, DC

Veterans are the lifeblood of America. Nowhere is that truer than in our nation’s capital. That’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure our veterans’ hospice care in Washington, DC, provides the very best health services to patients battling advanced and terminal illnesses.

Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare experts prioritizes quality-of-life improvements to relieve pain and other symptoms that would otherwise compromise a patient’s peace and comfort. Studies show that at-home hospice care can reduce ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations, while both at-home and inpatient hospice not only improves the quality of a patient’s life but, in some cases, even extend it.

Whether patients can remain at home or require hospitalization, our veterans’ hospice care offers a comprehensive and customized support system for patients, families, and caregivers. That’s because, at Capital Caring Health, we believe patient wellness isn’t just about treating illness. It’s also about raising the standards of living both for those in our care and the people who love them.

What Does Hospice Include?

Capital Caring Health knows that all patients have their own needs. That’s why our Veterans Health and Support Services are tailored to each patient. As such, necessary hospice services vary from person to person. Below are just some of the services we provide.

A Specialized Team of Health Experts

One size does not fit all, least of all when it comes to healthcare. That’s why all patients in our Washington, DC, veterans hospice care not only have detailed treatment plans personalized to suit their unique medical conditions, personal preferences, and living situations, but they also have a specialized team of health experts overseeing their care. With an all-inclusive, interdisciplinary approach, every aspect of our patients’ health is monitored by experienced professionals.

Around-the-Clock On-Call Care

In many cases, patients with advanced illnesses may require expert care at a moment’s notice. There’s no telling when or where an individual’s medical condition could take a turn for the worse. Veteran patients receiving hospice care from us can rest a little easier, however, knowing that the dedicated healthcare professionals at Capital Caring Health are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s the middle of the night or a national holiday, experienced staff members are always on-hand should our patients need them.

Assistive Equipment & Medication

Regardless if a patient is receiving care in a hospital or in the comfort of their own home, they must always have access to the assistive equipment and medication that they need. Our hospice services ensure patients receive the same level of care wherever they are. For at-home patients who need them, Capital Caring Health is happy to provide adjustable hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, intravenous medicine, and more, as well as in-person instruction and assistance in using them.

Counseling for Patients & Caregivers

Living with a serious medical condition is challenging not just because of the physical harm it can do, but because of the mental and emotional toll, as well. That’s just as true for friends, family members, and caregivers as it is for the patients themselves. Fortunately, our hospice care is limited solely to treating physical maladies and the body parts they afflict. We also care just as much about our patients as we do about their loved ones. That’s why counseling support and guidance is always available for patients and their caregivers.

Life-Changing Veterans Health and Support Services in Washington, DC

At Capital Caring Health, we know that, for patients living with advanced and terminal illnesses, every day is precious. We also know that each day presents its own challenges. Our veterans’ hospice care in Washington, DC, is designed specifically to help patients meet those challenges and make the most out of every day.

Call us at 800-869-2136 or use our online contact form to learn more about our hospice care services.

Veterans Health and Support Services in Maryland

No one knows what it’s like to fight the good fight better than our nation’s veterans. But, with some fights, even veterans need a little help.

Fortunately, the medical professionals at Capital Caring Health are on your side. For patients battling severe and terminal illnesses, our Veterans Health and Support Services in Maryland provides a comprehensive, custom-built treatment program designed to improve the quality of your life and possibly even extend it.

Studies show that patients in hospice care live longer and more satisfying lives than those without specialized care. For at-home hospice patients, studies also show a notable reduction in ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations.

Whether in a modern healthcare facility or the comfort of your own home, Capital Caring Health’s hospice services offer patients specialized teams of interdisciplinary medical experts, 24/7 support, the most up-to-date medication and equipment, and counseling for both patients and caregivers.

Learn more below about the hospice care we offer so you can see if our services are right for your loved one.

How Do You Pay for Veterans Hospice Care in Maryland?

One of the most significant concerns on everyone’s mind when it comes to getting medical care is whether it will be affordable. Below, you’ll find a simple overview of how you or someone you love can receive our hospice care without worrying about the bill. At Capital Caring Health, we believe that the people who need our services should always have access to them.

Most Insurance Plans Covers Hospice

While the number of health insurance plans available today is too vast and varied to provide a definitive answer on the issue, it is worth noting that a vast majority of plans include coverage for hospice care. If you’re unsure whether your insurance plan will pay for hospice, reach out to an insurance representative or a member of the Capital Caring Health staff.

Hospice Is Available through Medicare A

For patients who have health insurance through the national Medicare program, we have good news. Medicare is divided into four parts: Part A covers hospitals and private nursing facilities, Part B covers physician visits and outpatient services, Part C covers Medicare Advantage Plans, and Part D covers prescription drug plans. Although hospice doesn’t always require hospitalization, it is nevertheless covered under Medicare Part A.

State Medicaid Usually Includes Hospice

While Medicare exists to provide coverage for patients age 65 or older, Medicaid exists to provide coverage for patients with low incomes who otherwise cannot afford health insurance. The exact list of services that Medicaid does or does not cover varies from state to state, but most state Medicaid plans do include hospice coverage, including Maryland. Additionally, Medicaid coverage can be combined with Medicare coverage, so any expenses that Medicaid doesn’t pay for are usually taken care of by Medicare.

No One Is Turned Away for Financial Reasons

Even with all the coverage options, the American healthcare landscape is imperfect. Some patients slip through the cracks, not qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid yet also unable to afford private insurance. To those individuals, Capital Caring Health promises this: we will use financial reasons to turn away anyone who needs our care. If you lack coverage, reach out to us. One of our specialists will be happy to sit down with you and review your options so you or your loved one can receive our hospice services.

Compassionate Veterans Health and Support Services in Maryland

Living with advanced and terminal illnesses is hard enough without worrying about the financial burden of medical bills. At Capital Caring Health, we believe in improving the quality of life for all of our patients. That means more than simply relieving pain, treating symptoms, and maximizing physical comfort; it also means making our services available to those who need them.

If you or someone you love requires veterans’ hospice care in Maryland, call Capital Caring Health today at 800-869-2136 or contact us using our online form.

Volunteer for Hospice in Virginia

We all know what it’s like to need a helping hand. Few know it better than those among us living with terminal medical conditions. At Capital Care Health, we’ve made it our mission to improve the quality of life for hospice patients and their loved ones. We’d like to give you the opportunity to help us do the same.

If you’ve ever wished you could comfort people who have no one to visit them at the ends of their lives, now you can. For years, the volunteers at Capital Care Health have proudly provided assistance to our hospice patients in their times of greatest need. We invite you to become a part of that legacy. With locations in Arlington, Falls Church, Richmond, Aldie, Alexandria, and Fredericksburg, there’s no shortage of chances for you to lend a hand.

3 Reasons to Volunteer for Hospice

Volunteering isn’t just a good way of enriching the lives of others. It’s a good way of enhancing your own life. There are many reasons why it’s worth your time to volunteer for hospice in Virginia. Here are three of the most important.

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer

Maybe you have long wanted to volunteer for hospice but didn’t think you were qualified. Good news! Anyone can be a volunteer, regardless of knowledge or experience. All you need to become a volunteer is a little spare time and a desire to help.

There are numerous ways volunteers can pitch in, from everyday administrative tasks and fundraising efforts to running errands for family members or even just making conversation with a patient who needs some company. You’ll never be asked to do something with which you’re uncomfortable. How you choose to volunteer is up to you.

It’s a Great Résumé Builder

Whether you’re a student looking to enter the workforce or just someone who wants to develop a new skill set, volunteering is an excellent way of gaining experience. Whatever your interests or ambitions, chances are good there’s a volunteer position perfect for helping you learn and grow.

When you volunteer for hospice in Virginia, future employers will take note. Having this on your résumé shows people not only that you have practical on-site work experience, but also that you’re a compassionate, proactive team player who isn’t afraid to put in the work.

You’ll Make a Difference

There are many ways a person can spend their spare time, but how many allow you to know you’re making a real, meaningful, positive difference in someone else’s life? Volunteering for hospice in any capacity will let you know that’s true every day.

Patients struggling with advanced medical conditions have it hard. So do their friends, family members, and caregivers. It doesn’t matter if you interact with them one-on-one or prefer to work behind-the-scenes. Whatever form your volunteering takes, there’s no question that you are helping to better the lives of the people who need it most.

Learn How You Can Volunteer for Hospice in Virginia

Capital Caring Health is one of the oldest and largest non-profit providers of hospice care in the United States today. We would never be able to help all the people that we do without the selfless efforts of our volunteers. Every day, they help us to improve the quality of life for nearly 1,400 patients and caregivers.

If you would like to volunteer for hospice in Virginia, at any of our locations in the state, call Capital Caring Health at 800-869-2136 or contact us using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Primary Care at Home in Virginia

We all rely on our primary care providers to be there when we need them. This type of care is always valuable, but even more so for the sick and elderly. As we age or as illnesses progress, leaving the home can become difficult and dangerous. For many, it can be impossible to leave the house. However, the need to see a doctor only increases, which can make it hard for seniors to get the medical care they need. This is why Primary Care at Home is so important to be able to provide those who need it with high-quality medical care from their own home.

At Capital Caring Health, we know that there are many people who rely on at-home services to be as healthy and comfortable as possible. We’re proud to be able to provide Primary Care at Home in Virginia to those who need it. Our dedicated team travels to our patient’s homes to ensure they’re getting the care they need.

What Does PCH Provide?

This gives the elderly who are suffering from illness and disabilities access to the medical care they need right from the care of their own homes. Through our Primary Care at Home services, seniors can receive different care depending on their needs. What one person needs in regards to their medical care will be different from someone else, so our patients' Primary Care at Home reflects their unique needs. 

House calls are available through our Primary Care at Home services. Our team is made up of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and social workers who specialize in working with seniors with serious illnesses to give them the care they need most. Elders with a serious illness will likely require some form of testing often, which may seem like something that requires them to go to a doctor’s office. With Primary Care at Home, seniors can even receive diagnostic testing at home. Mobile technology makes it possible to have tests like x-rays, blood work, and ultrasounds done at home. 

Many seniors require help daily or could need it in an emergency at any time. Because of this, it’s important to work with a team that makes themselves available to patients whenever they need it. Capital Caring Health provides 24/7 care to our patients. You can call us whenever you need assistance and we can help arrange whatever type of primary or urgent care you need. We also work with family members to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the plan of care for their loved one. 

Reliable Primary Care at Home

You want to know that your loved ones are being well-taken care of as they get older and their illnesses progress. Often, the care they need goes far beyond what you alone are able to provide as their medical needs grow. Leaving the house can become increasingly difficult, but this doesn’t mean senior citizens should miss out on receiving health care that’s critical for their health. When leaving the home for something as important as health care becomes impossible, it’s time to look into receiving Primary Care at Home. Capital Caring Health offers Primary Care at Home throughout the state of Virginia, such as in Arlington, Falls Church, and McLean

To learn more about how our Primary Care at Home services can benefit the elderly, contact us today.