snow‘Tis the season for snow, ice, slush, and all forms of wintery mixes throughout Capital Caring’s service area. What is most important for the moms, dads, and kids in our care to know is that all of us at Capital Caring – your social workers, nurses, doctors, counselors, and aides – are looking out for your safety as well as your comfort. After all, our mission to simply improve care applies regardless of the weather conditions outside.

If bad weather threatens our service area, our patients can be assured that we are working for you and addressing what matters most. We will work with our patients and their caregivers to prepare for emergencies by ensuring each home has adequate medications and supplies and that each person knows how to reach us at any time, day or night. Simply call 800-869-2136 to access our Navigation Center – the center is staffed 24 hours a day by Capital Caring employees who are able to address whatever you need.

Of course, our TeleCaring program will continue regardless of inclement weather. TeleCaring is a robust and innovative program that ensures patients and their caregivers receive the care they need, whenever they need it. We are better able to respond to possible issues quickly, even if a Capital Caring employee is not in the home. TeleCaring calls help families feel safe, comfortable, and where they need to be, while also increasing caregiver confidence.

We never know how bad winter weather will be in the mid-Atlantic region, but Capital Caring is prepared to continue improving care for each of our patients, regardless of what Mother Nature might have in store for us.