Hershell Foster, Chief Technology Officer

Hershell Foster is Chief Technology Officer at Capital Caring. He is recognized for building high-performance teams and leading health care organizations in the development and implementation of I.T. initiatives that are aligned with the organization’s strategic plan. He has worked with complex organizations ranging from small, rural health care organizations to those part of larger national organizations.

Hershell is a graduate of Tennessee Technology University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering/Technology. Prior to joining Capital Caring, Hershell led GX4 Solutions, a IT consulting and executive leadership services firm. Hershell also provided leadership as chief information officer at Chapters Health Systems, and he served as Director of Technology for HCA for 11 years. Hershell is a strong advocate of transforming and leveraging IT processes and systems to enhance patient care.

His areas of expertise include: Developing long-range strategic plans, IT roadmaps and detailed Project Management plans, implementation of support centers  that drive high customer satisfaction, re-engineering of complex IT process flow, implementation of interoperable systems and leveraging telecommunications and mobile solutions.