“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” — Anne Geddes

Today, as families across the country set aside time to thank the dads in their lives on Father’s Day, Capital Caring reflects on the many fathers we have cared for – fathers who have passed and left us with fond memories, as well as all the fathers who remain in our care.

Anne Geddes’ quote gets to the core of the way we refer to the nearly 110,000 people who have been served by Capital Caring over the past 40 years. The people who invite us into their homes to help ease pain and stress are not “patients”; rather, they are typically moms and dads. Sometimes, they are kids. While those in the medical community typically refer to all those they treat as patients, at Capital Caring we all understand how clinical and impersonal that term can be.

We see each person under our care as an individual – as someone’s mom or dad, as a son or daughter, or as a friend or loved one – not as a patient with a unique identifying number. By seeing each of those under our care as more than a patient, we are more easily able to treat them as we would want others to see and treat us and our own loved ones when facing end-of-life stress, ultimately helping us simply improve the care we provide to nearly 1,400 of our neighbors’ moms, dads, and kids every day.

Capital Caring recognizes and celebrates the special bond between a dad and his family, so thank you – to all the dads in our community – for all you’ve done for us. We promise to provide the care for you that you’ve provided for your loved ones.