Capital Caring prioritizes providing the highest quality care to patients and families who are coping with terminal illness. While the primary focus is on relieving physical symptoms, we also recognize the additional importance of exploring emotional and spiritual implications at the end of life.

Capital Caring adheres to the holistic approach to hospice and palliative care which means that our staff seeks to understand how your illness impacts you as a whole person. One big component that deserves the opportunity to be explored are your spiritual questions or concerns.

  • Do you find yourself struggling to find the meaning in your illness or your life experiences?
  • Do you have questions about what happens next?

Our Chaplains are here to help you with these types of questions and more.

The Chaplains at Capital Caring are a vital part of your care team. Once accessing Hospice services your Chaplain will meet you where you are at in terms of your beliefs.

Whether you have a religious affiliation or not, our Chaplains can offer spiritual counseling with the aim of helping you and your family come to terms with your illness.

If you would like a visit by one of our Chaplains talk with a member of your care team and they will complete a referral on your behalf.

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