For Patient, TeleCaring is not a Special Thing it is an Everyday Thing
Jacqueline Williams resides in Southeast Washington, DC and is living with an advanced illness – congestive heart failure. With little support from family and friends, Jacqueline relies on the excellent, expert care she receives from Capital Caring to keep her comfortable, provide relief from pain, and help her focus on what matters most – all while being at home, where she wants to be.

On a recent visit at her home, Ms. Williams talked about her care journey with Capital Caring, “It’s been so great. It’s been a lifesaver. If I had to travel for care, I’d be much, much sicker. They check in on me, make sure I get my medication, and my pain is under control.”

Until she met the professionals at Capital Caring, Ms. Williams had experienced numerous trips to the hospital, which she found unpleasant. She longed to go home, but as Ms. Williams said, “My house of relatives is 1. I needed extra care.”

Ms. Williams is particularly grateful for TeleCaring, the innovative telephone-based care enhancement program Capital Caring launched in 2011. TeleCaring specialists place one or two outbound calls each day to hospice patients and families as an extra layer of support designed to identify problems before they escalate – all to ensure the highest-quality care experience.

“I look forward to the calls every day, in the morning and evening. I love all my ladies in TeleCaring, it is always a warm morning hello and for me to let them know I’m still here and everything is okay,” said Ms. Williams, “It is very reassuring and comforting because if I need something, they are always there.”

Ms. Williams began receiving care from Capital Caring in September, and she said TeleCaring specialists on the other end of the line are often like a friend calling. “With Marianne (TeleCaring specialist), we always take a moment to talk about music as she checks in on me. TeleCaring is part of my daily rhythym – and the great thing is that it is not a special thing, TeleCaring is an every day thing.”