Andrea had a bucket list, like many of us do, of things in life that would bring great joy. Hers was simple: hold a newborn baby and see a penguin.

While in our care at Capital Caring, Andrea’s dedicated comprehensive care team would see that she fulfilled her bucket list. Our staff and volunteers made special arrangements with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and Andrea got a personal visit with the zoo’s renowned “Ambassador” penguin, Winnie.

Andreaandpenguins_0215We made sure Andrea didn’t leave empty-handed, so she received a soft, cuddly “Winnie” penguin toy as a memento. That encounter meant such a great deal to Andrea.

At Capital Caring, what matters most to our families is what matters most to us.

Our goal at Capital Caring is really very simple: world-class care. Care that is leading edge and also incredibly personal for the patient’s and family’s needs. Care that is available regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Care for all those dealing with serious illness – from infants and the very young to the elderly in our Greater Washington area.

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